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5 of 5 stars 05.11.2021
from sanvara

Great label with many amazing releases,

MS (Master-Tape)

Bruno Due
from Bruno D

What you are looking at is the master tape of tha album, thefore the country should be changed to Italy, not France. The french version by Illusion Productions has a totally different cover and the sound is a copy of a copy of this master... and I should know...
Bruno De Angelis (= Bruno Due)

Waste 2

No Unauthorized
from fredouilles

By the way, I think your project is great!

Waste 2

No Unauthorized
from fredouilles

Hi there! It's Fred we met in Paris few days ago...) could you help me with finding the way to listen to these tracks ?

Stdtfest Rottweil 1974 Festival Flyer incl Coum

from art box

omg this is real document! thank you so much

Krang Music

Kraang (John Murphy as Kang, Krang, Krang Music, Kranng, Rkang )
5 of 5 stars 12.10.2021
from No Baizuo Allowed

To commemorate the 40?? anniversary, NOVICHOK have just released an excerpt of the first Krang Music tape by John Murphy from 1981- recorded during his downtime as a session drummer for The Associates. This excerpt pressed to high quality vinyl predates his appearances on Broken Flag's Neuengamme LP or Iphar's infamous compilation tape. The 7" extract was mastered for vinyl from the original master tape, not from an original copy like the versions of the tape on YouTube. 152 pressed, split with a tribute by Browning Mummery on the B-side.

Catalogue 1982

2 of 5 stars 16.08.2021
from angwo

are there any other pages from this catalogue?

How Much More Black Can It Be?

5 of 5 stars 01.08.2021
from Bodomod

Transmedia (pre Coum Transmissions) Pictures and Documents

from Frank Bull

Hi Djinn,
I am currently working with ANdrew Mc Kenzie of Hafler Trio on a seperate Wiki-Like Gen-Based online-database where everything will be exposed, but that a longer project, minimum 1 year to go if not longer. Best

Transmedia (pre Coum Transmissions) Pictures and Documents

5 of 5 stars 01.06.2021
from Djinn

Would it be possible to see more of these?
Information on Transmedia Explorations is incredibly hard to come by(and perhaps not coincidentally,fascinating).
Any further information would be immensely appreciated. is a Non-Profit Online-Archive & Information-Database for Audio-Tape-Culture (Cassettes/Tapes/Reels) and 20th Century Art- & Music-related Small-Press Publications / Magazine-Culture.

This Archive-Database focuses on the following styles/genres.

- Mid 70's to late 90's Industrial / Experimental / Free Improvisation / Post- Punk / New Wave, Minimal / Synth /Ambient and further musical directions of the DIY-Cassette-Culture.

- early 50's to late 90's Sound Art / Sound Poetry / Text-Sound-Compositions / Poesie Sonore / Verbosonics / Lingual Music / Music Concrete / Audio Art plus related printed Mail-Art / Concrete Poetry / Visual Poetry / Lettrisme / Fluxus

Here you are able to browse and research thousands of releases, find further information about the Artists, the Organisations, Press & Label-People behind the scene and/or the published Small Print / Magazines, Information-sheets and Artists-Manifests that all defined a very exciting culture and era. Most of the releases listed here were only released in very limited amount and are hard to find these days but they had without any doubt their important role in the development of contemporary audio & sound-art and music-history. These protagonists of a DIY (Do-It-Yourself)-Culture-Movement in which everybody can be an artist, label, distributor and press-editor or organisation deserves a comprehensive overview in a broader context with all its connections and a framework. With this Database the collected, provided and connected Information can become knowledge. Knowledge that Media in Internet-Age can hardly supply with the current Information Overload.

By registerring as a member on this site you will be able to view thousands of scans/photos, you can leave comments or rate releases listed in this database and interact / exchange your knowledge, you have also access to the music itself where it can be provided and/or given permission by the artist/band.

This database already includes more than 23,000 Tapes and Fanzines/Mags or 11,000 Artists, Labels and Press/Organisations by donations or archive- and collection-take-overs/buy-outs by Some of them are listed below. If you feel like donating or offering your own collection/archive for sale, feel free to contact