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½ Gentlemen / Not Beasts

Artist: 1/2 Japanese

Year: 1979
Country: United States
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape
A1 No Direct Line From My Brain To My Heart  
A2 (I Don't Wanna Have) Mono (No More)  
A3 Rip My Shirt To Shreds  
A4 I Love Oriental Girls  
A7 No More Beatlemania  
A8 Tangled Up In Blue  
A9 Calling All Girls  
A10 Dream Date  
A11 Her Parents Came Home  
A12 Shy Around Girls  
A13 Bogue Millionaires / Cool Millionaires  
A14 School Of Love  
A15 The Worst I'd Ever Do  
A16 Ann Arbor, MI  
A17 Fun Time  
A18 10th Ave. Freezeout  
A19 Patti Smith  
A20 Simple Twist Of Fate  
A21 She Cracked  
A22 T / T / T / T / T / T  
B1 Foggy Notion/Farmer John  
B2 [Unknown Title]  
B3 Ain't To Proud To Beg  
B4 Ta Sheri Ta Ta  
B5 Nobody  
B6 I Can't Stand It Anymore  
B7 Femme Fatale  
B8 I'm Almost Grown  
B9 I Saw Her Standing There  
B10 No Fun  
B11 Babylon  
B12 Hey Laurie  
B13 Fun Again  
B14 Little Animals  
B15 Someone I Care About  
B16 Funky Broadway Medley  
B17 Rave On  
B18 Du Du Du / Du Du Du  
B19 [Unknown Title]  
B20 [Unknown Title]  
Though this tape shares a title with the triple-LP box set from the following year, many of the songs here did not appear on the box set.

The version of "TN TN TN TN KI" here is nearly twice as long as the box set version, and includes lyrics sung by Jad.

The inserts are missing from my copy of the tape, so I had to construct the tracklisting manually based on other releases and recognizable cover versions. As a result, some song titles here are marked [Unknown Title], as I was not able to identify them.