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39 Golden Grates

Artist: Danny and the Dressmakers

Year: 1979
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Weird Noise Tapes; Weird 003
Format: Tape
A1 Egg On Legs  
A2 Space Oddity  
A3 He's Washing The Pots  
A4 Danny and The Dressmakers Going Down The Road  
A5 Dynamite  
A6 Lennon's Supermarket Tango  
A7 Song Chocolate  
A8 Jesus Christ You're So Anaemic  
A9 Ernie Bishop's Dead Body  
A10 What's Your Blood Group Yeah And How Does A Dog Digest It's Food  
A11 Rubber Plants  
A12 Night Fever  
A13 Alfie Winbush  
A14 What The World Needs Now  
A15 What's A Girl Like You Doing In A...  
A16 Drying Out My Rained-On Rizlas  
A17 Buddha The Crab  
B18 We're Crossing The Pelican Crossing  
B19 You're Gonna Get A Rollockin'  
B20 Don't Put Your Bernard Pokery On Stage Mrs. Eric Clapton  
B21 Don't Make Another Bass Guitar Mr. Rickenbacker  
B22 Rolf Harris Stylophones  
B23 Tree  
B24 Rubber Plants And I Left My Gall Bladder In Moss Side  
B25 Fuckin' Bleedin' Einstein  
B26 Edward Expose Her Mammary Glands  
B27 TV Boredome On The Dole  
B28 Drop Dead  
B29 Iron Lung Funk  
B30 69  
B31 Lapsang Do Da Tea  
B32 Test Card Girls  
B33 Going Down The Sperm Bank Four Quid A Wank  
B34 Donna Summer  
B35 You're No Doctor  
B36 God Puts A Stop To The Silver Paper Eating Three Legged Monster  
B37 How Hot Is A Match  
B38 Hey Ho My Cholesterol Level Is Low  
B39 Cathy And Claire  
B40 Talking Clock  
B41 Legalize Vimto  
B42 Can't You Make Your Mind Up  
B43 2001 C'est Une Odessy De Space  
B44 Come On Baby Lite My Shite  
B45 If The Kids Are United They'd Throw Bricks At Jimmy Pursey  
B46 Los Endos  
The tracks are compiled from various live concerts and recordings.