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6de Kolonne

Years running:
Country: Netherlands
Description: De 6e Kolonne (later also written as Zesde Kolonne) has been active since 1984. The foundation has been established for the support, production, realisation and/or bringing to the attention of the public of audio-visual products of a non-profit nature. Starting out as a label and distribution for cassettes, vinyl, printed material and Super 8 films, over the years an organisation developed which accompanies and realises the products from the beginning to the end. The original group consisted of bands such as Vovokai, MTVS, Afflict, painters like E de Smet, Frank Teeuwes, visual work by Luc Sponselee, Yvette Bolger and audio registration by Kees de Groot and Pidah Kloos. On a small scale, tapes with mainly home-made music and sounds were produced.- In a live situation, the different disciplines joined together and were presented by means of performances. In this 'new' kind of theatre the audience was made participant.