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A Banana Fish On The Moon

Artist: The Twins & Rig Veeda

Year: 1986
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Bi, Joopiter bijoop 010
Format: Tape
A1 Baby Comfort  
A2 Everytime  
A3 Oh Yeah, Oh No!  
A4 Way Back Home  
A5 This Child  
A6 Sail The Frosty Seas  
A7 Shy Girl  
A8 Falling  
B1 Be There  
B2 Never Mention  
B3 Creep  
B4 Mickey Mouse  
B5 Sign Of Life  
B6 King Moins  
B7 Kansas  
B8 Life Of A Dog  
B9 Away  
Cassette came in a tiny cloth bag with screen printed title and illustration. Cassette-cover is hand colored