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Artist: Pier Luigi Andreoni & Francesco Paladino

Year: 1989
Country: United States
Catalog No: Violet Glass Oracle Tapes, VGO 005
Format: Tape
Spezification: C45
A1 Aeolyca Part 1 14:42
A2 Rain On The Bells 3:31
B1 Sunday Clothes For Brass Bands 3:20
B2 The Peruvian Club 2:18
B3 Aeolyca Part 2 11:36
  • Mastered By – Riccardo Sinigaglia
Text on the original cassette:

Music by Pier Luigi Andreoni and Francesco Paladino
Aeolian Sculptures by Mario Ciccioli

Pier Luigi Andreoni: Roland S 50, Yamaha tX 81 Z, Samplings
Francesco Paladino: Roland S 50, project
Mario Ciccioli: Aeolian Sculpture

Recorded at Tuxedo Studio (Piacenza, Italy) by Pier Luigi Andreoni
Mixed at Computer Studio (Milano, Italy) by Riccardo Sinigaglia
Produced by Special Thanks to Simona Luzi

The work is the result of a casual meeting between plastic art (sculpture) and music (doubling music).
In June 1988 during the festival “Time Zones-sulla via delle musiche possibili”, Mario Ciccioli exposed his aeolic scuptures that when blow by wind, produce sounds.
Emiliano Li Castro has recorded adn mixed these natural sounds and Pier Luigi Andreoni and Francesco Paladino used them as a sort of basic atmosphere for their work which was recorded in July 1988 at Andreoni’s Tuxedo Studio adn Mixed in Feb 1989 at Riccardo Sinigaglia’s Computer Studio.
In Aeolyca Part II the solo instruments is from a Turkish popular theme.