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Almost Groovy!

Artist: Walls Of Genius

Year: 1983
Country: Switzerland
Catalog No: Calypso Now
Format: Tape
A1 –Joe Colorado Treat Me Nice  
A2 –Big Man On Campus Far Cry  
A3 –Big Man On Campus Amerika Futury  
A4 –Joe Colorado Mosquito Bites  
A5 –Big Man On Campus Chichen Itza Walk  
A6 –Big Man On Campus Hound Dog  
A7 –Frivolous Laughter Drunk Again  
A8 –Frivolous Laughter Call Me Gomez  
A9 –Frivolous Laughter In The Belly Of The Pyramid  
A10 –K-9 (6) Tone Death  
A11 –K-9 (6) Are We Not Dogs?  
B1 –Christmas In July David's Funky Riff  
B2 –Christmas In July Hangover's Suite  
B3 –Christmas In July Oral Fixation  
B4 –Christmas In July At The Bazaar  
  • Instruments – Evan Cantor
Side One of ALMOST GROOVY! was recorded during the months of May and June 1983. Side Two was recorded on the night of July 16, 1983. Special Thanks to Andrea DiNapoli, Melissa, Ken Stock, Rob Staton, Natash, Mosquito Girl Beth, and, as usual, the entire perverted crew of KGNU, Public Radio Boulder...