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Amnesia Flashback Unwound

Artist: Qwa Digs Under Paris's

Year: 1985
Country: United States
Catalog No: Swinging Axe Productions
Format: Tape
qwa digs under paris’s


Side One

1. Music For Sleepless Nights

Live Fostex 4-track recording of a performance in Madison, April 1985.

Miekal And, alto sax, alto clarinet, tapes, voice, random tone generator.

Liz Was, auto harp, prepared baby grand, soprano sax, electric guitar.

2. Onanism Curdles

From a book by Elizabeth Was published by Xerox Sutra Editions.

Sound/text by Miekal And, Liz Was.

Side Two

1. Against Dreams (A Noise Opera)

Fostex 4-track mix of sounds created on the FAIRLIGHT MUSIC INSTRUMENT & manipulated voice reading part of a text of the same name.

Created & engineered by Miekal And.

Fairlight music by Qwa Digs...
2. Love/Hate

Miekal And, alto & tenor sax.

Liz Was, alto & tenor sax.
3. Reptilian Swamp Trauma

Performance tape Liz Was.

Cathy Change vocal screams.

Miekal And records & electronics.
4. Variations On A Port-Mortem Orgy

Sounds created on Fairlight sampled from saxes & mixed in 8-track with live improv.

Engineered by Drake Scott.

Liz Was, alto.

Miekal And, tenor, panpipes, voice.

Drake Scott, cornetto, voice, piano.
5. The Fall Of The Anxiety Landmark

Yamaha DX-7, Miekal And, Liz keyboard fourhands.
6. Amnesia Flashback Unwound

Yamaha DX-7, Miekal, Liz keyboard fourhands.

Swinging Axe Productions

Northridge, California, USA.