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Architektura Psychedelia

Artist: Solanaceae Tau

Year: 1988
Country: Germany
Label: Prion
Catalog No: Prion Tapes Pr 16
Format: Tape
A1 Anticipation Off  
A2 Eunuchen-Palaver  
A3 The Riak  
A4 Dept. Of Gloom  
A5 Abyss  
A6 The Mannon Muzak  
A7 Psycho Teutonica  
A8 Flanging  
B1 Industrial Introduction  
B2 Animal Touch  
B3 Christ Encore - Exit  
B4 Gates Of Well  
B5 Architektura Psychedelia  
B6 The Spiral Staircase  
B7 Dialektik Des Eulengesangs  
B8 T. T. Interstellar Dervishes  
All tracks recorded at the Nihilistick Noise Laboratorium, Frankfurt, Spring 1988.