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Artist: Ramleh

Year: 1985
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Broken Flag, BF 40
Format: Tape-6
Spezification: in special metal Box
A1 Suction  
A2 Throatsuck  
A3 Deathtoll  
A4 Ramleh  
A5 May 31  
A6 1982  
A7 Throatsuck  
A8 Deathtoll  
B1 Ramleh  
B2 May 31  
B3 1962/1982  
B4 Deathtoll  
B5 Fistfuck  
B6 Koprolagnia/ Circle Of Shit  
B7 Phenol  
B8 Exorcist Dawn  
C1 Koprolagnia/ Circle Of Shit  
C2 Drancy  
C3 Koprolagnia/ Circle Of Shit  
C4 Drancy  
C5 Mc Carthy  
C6 Ramleh  
C7 A Return To Slavery  
C8 Fistfuck  
C9 Phenol  
D1 Soundtrack From Rockwell Hate Part One  
D2 Soundtrack From Rockwell Hate Part Two  
E1 Mc Carthy  
E2 Ramleh  
E3 A Return To Slavery  
E4 Fistfuck  
E5 Phenol  
E6 Onslaught  
E7 A Return To Slavery  
E8 Nordhausen  
E9 New Force  
E10 Fistfuck  
F1 Onslaught  
F2 A Return To Slavery  
F3 Nordhausen  
F4 New Force  
F5 Fistfuck  
F6 Throatsuck  
F7 A Return To Slavery  
F8 Nordhausen  
F9 New Force  
F10 Phenol  
F11 Koprolagnia  
G1 Eraciator  
G2 Onslaught  
G3 Insecticide  
G4 Phenol  
G5 Eraciator  
G6 Insecticide  
G7 Phenol  
H1 A Return To Slavery  
H2 Nordhausen  
H3 New Force  
H4 Phenol  
H5 Fistfuck  
H6 Mc Carthy  
H7 Purge  
I1 Eraciator  
I2 Phenol  
I3 New Force  
I4 Squassation  
I5 Prossneck  
I6 The Hand Of Glory Pt. 1  
I7 The Hand Of Glory Pt. 2  
I8 Squassation  
I9 Prossneck  
J1 The Hand Of Glory Pt. 1  
J2 The Hand Of Glory Pt. 2  
J3 Throatsuck  
J4 Phenol  
J5 New Force  
J6 A Return To Slavery  
J7 Squassation  
J8 Prossneck  
J9 The Hand Of Glory Pt. 1  
J10 The Hand Of Glory Pt. 2  
J11 Anything Is Mine  
J12 Backlash  
K1 Backlash  
K2 Litany  
K3 Anything Is Mine  
K4 Backlash  
K5 Anything Is Mine  
K6 Static  
K7 As I Have One  
L1 There Must Be More Than This  
L2 Inri 82  
L3 Anc 82  
L4 There Must Be More Than This  
This release came in a lockable steel-box.
This release came with a booklet enclosed.

This release is a compilation of the RAMLEH work until 1985:

Tape 1 - Side A:
All tracks recorded May 31st 1982.
Tracks 1-6 originally released as BF 1 tape
Tracks 7-8 alternative versions

Tape 1 - Side B:
Tracks 1-3 recorded May 31st 1982.
Tracks 4-8 recorded Jan 1st 1982 and originally released as BF 6 tape

Tape 2 - Side A:
Tracks 1-2 originally on BFV1 LP
Tracks 3-4 alternative versions.
Tracks 3-9 originally on BF 7 tape
Tracks 1-4 recorded Oct/Nov 1982.
Tracks 5-9 recorded live at the Equinox Event, London June 21st 1983.

Tape 2 - Side B:
Tracks originally on BF 9 tape
Recorded Dec. 1982/Jan. 1983.

Tape 3 - Side A:
Tracks 1-5 recorded June 21st 1983.
Tracks 6-10 recorded July 1st 1983.
Tracks 1-5 bootleg version of Equinox Event.
Tracks 6-10 recorded Live at the Roebuck, London.

Tape 3 - Side B:
Tracks 1-5 recorded July 1st 1983
Tracks 6-11 recorded July 11th 1983
Tracks 1-5 bootleg versions of Roebuck concert
Tracks 6-11 recorded live at the Clarendon Hotel, London.

Tape 4 - Side A:
All tracks recorded October/November 1982.
Tracks 1-4 originally released by IPHAR TAPES as IPHAR 010.
Tracks 5-7 original unmixed tapes.

Tape 4 - Side B:
All tracks 1-4 recorded June 1983 at IPS studios.
Originally released as BFV2 LP.
Track 5 recorded November 1982 originally released on IPHAR TAPES - IPHAR 011.
Tracks 6-7 recorded January 1983.
Track 6 originally on Aquilifier Tapes "Hates Our Belief" compilation.
Track 7 originally on BBF 8 tape "Axis Sally".

Tape 5 - Side A:
Tracks 1-7 recorded live on 1/10/1983 at Atlanta Camden, London.
Originally released as BF 25 tape.
Tracks 8-9 recorded at IPS studios November 1983.
Originally on the BFV4 EP "The Hand Of Glory".

Tape 5 - Side B:
Tracks 1-2 recorded November 1983 at IPS studios.
Originally released as part of the BFV4 EP "The Hand Of Glory".
Tracks 3-10 recorded live at Morden Tower, Newcastle on 12th October 1983.
Originally released as BF33 tape.
Tracks 11-12 recorded April 1984 at IPS studios.
Track 11originally on BF37 tape.
Track 12 originally on BF 36 tape.

Tape 6 - Side A:
Tracks 1-3 recorded at IPS studios April 1984.
Originnally released on BFV5 LP "Statement".
Tracks 4-7 recorded live on the 21st July 1984 at the Air Gallery, London.
Originally released as BF 38 tape.

Tape 6 - Side B:

Track 1 recorded 101 studios on 15th July 1984.
Originally on BF 35 tape.
Tracks 2-3 recorded May 1982
An extract appears on BF 36 tape.
Otherwise previously unreleased.

Track 4 recorded between May 1982 and July 1984.
Previously unreleased.