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Baptized & “More Involved”

Artist: Violence & The Sacred And Not 1/2

Year: 1988
Country: Canada
Catalog No: Freedom In A Vacuum, VACT.14
Format: Tape
Spezification: EP, C20
 Side One

1. Baptized & Plastic Assassins

2. Bribing The Code You Think Vegas (Vaguest) Transaction

Side Two

1. Baptized & “More Involved”

2. Drink Vote

Improvised February 1988.

Al Lincoln Roy (Not 1/2): tapes, synthesizer

Sri: synthesizer, drum machine, tapes

Potemkin: guitar, synthesizer

Chris Gehman: saxophone, voice, trumpophone

St. Deborah’s voice appears on some tapes.

Special backwards appearances by Graham and Bill.

Mixed and edited at Kathedral A by Sri, Chris & Potemkin, June 1988.

Thanks to Gary Roscoe.

Freedom In A Vacuum

One Claude Avenue, No. 203, Toronto, Canada M6R 2T5

A radically different mix of the entire 60 minute session from which this tape was distilled is available from Industrial Therapy Unit as “Songs for the Avalanche” (I.T.U. No. 7).

Industrial Therapy Unit

250 Elm St., Winnipeg, Manitoba

R3M 3Ps

Trades Welcomed.