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Bellowing Room

Artist: Biota

Year: 1987
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Recommended Records, RR C27
Format: Vinyl Lp
A A 23:30
B B 23:50
  • Artwork By [Center Label Drawings] – Dana Sharp
  • Artwork By [Folder Cover Letter Illustrations] – Jean Michel Papillon
  • Artwork By [Folder Inside Drawing Above] – Heidi Eversley
  • Artwork By [Folder Inside Drawings At Right & Left Overleaf] – Randy Yeates
  • Artwork By [Folder Inside Drawings At Right] – Ti Birchrose
  • Artwork By [Folder Inside Embroidery At Left & Right Overleaf] – Mareye Yeates
  • Artwork By [Inserts Title Page] – William Sharp
  • Artwork By [Jacket Drawing, Inserts Drawings] – Tom Katsimpalis
  • Artwork By [Visuals] – Mnemonists
  • Composed By [Compositions], Producer [Production], Performer [Playing], Mixed By [Mixdown] – Gordon H. Whitlow, Larry Wilson, Mark Piersel, Steve Scholbe, Tom Katsimpalis, William Sharp
  • Engineer – Piersel*, Sharp*
  • Engineer [Cutting Engineer] – Roger Seibel
  • Photography – Fred Bruemmer, Guillermo Aldana E.
  • Photography [Camera] – George Harms
  • Photography [Folder Cover], Artwork By [Folder Cover Assemblage] – Larry Wilson
  • Technician [Technicial Assistance] – Mark Derbyshire
Compositions/Production/Playing/Mixdown: Autumn 1985—Spring 1986.
Sources: organ, piano, accordion, guitars, banjo, cheng, zither, autoharp, psaltery, ukulele, voice, alto saxophone, bass & b-flat clarinets, trumpet, bagpipes, harmonica, melodica & bellows, flute, recorder, orchestra bells, kit drums, congas, bodhran, kalimba, bongos, bass drums...
Cutting: Wakefield, Inc/Phoenix Arizona
Lacquer platting: Record Technology Inc/Camarillo California
Pressing: Statetune Ltd/Leicester
Jacket silkscreen printing: Third Step Printworks/London
Folder/insert printing: Blackrose Press
Camera: Reprographics Inc/Ft Collins Colorado
Invaluable assistance: Joy Froding/the entire RR staff/Carol Heineman Staley
?© Dys/manufactured in UK

Packaged in a screen printed jacket with a 6-page 29.5 x 15 cm booklet and 6 black & white art prints.
This was to have been DYS 14 on the Dys label, but was instead released only by Recommended Records.

Edition of 1000 copies.