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Artist: Biota

Year: 1982
Country: United States
Label: DYS
Catalog No: Dys, DYS 07
Format: Vinyl Lp


A1 Biota  
A2 Biohazards  
B1 Marshland  
B2 Loop-Dance  
B3 Beasts  
B4 The Magi  
B5 Insect Dialogue  
B6 Cavernicoles  
B7 Chamer  
B8 Krill  

Companies, etc.



Packaged in folder sleeve with 6 inserts plus a small card advertising "The Dys book, a miniature volume containing 14 previously unpublished pieces of Mnemonist visual matter".
Limited to 1000 copies.

Production: summer 1980—summer 1982
Tape mastering: Pendragon Ft. Collins CO
Cutting: I.A.M. Irvine CA
Pressing: R.T.I Camarillo CA
Printing: Pioneer Ft. Collins CO
The spatial processing employed in these recordings is optimally reproduced by loudspeakers positioned 1 meter or more from the walls of the listening room.
?© 1982 Dys/manufactured in U.S.A.