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Artist: Masters of the Obvious (M.O.T.O.)

Year: 1986
Country: United States
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape
A1 Dick About It  
A2 Boredom In Action  
A3 California In The Summertime  
A4 Do You Remember?  
A5 Big Black Boots  
A6 Sometimes I Get The Feeling  
A7 Catholic World  
A8 Month Of Sundays  
A9 Destroy The Earth  
A10 Astronuts  
A11 Social Scene  
A12 Walk Don't Walk  
A13 Duty Child  
A14 Killer Shrews  
A15 Rainy Afternoon  
A16 I Fell Ill  
A17 Jesus And Murray  
A18 Buckingham  
A19 Bolt  
B1 Dick About It  
B2 Boredom In Action  
B3 California In The Summertime  
B4 Do You Remember?  
B5 Big Black Boots  
B6 Sometimes I Get The Feeling  
B7 Catholic World  
B8 Months Of Sundays  
B9 Destroy The World  
B10 Astronuts  
B11 Social Scene  
B12 Walk Don't Walk  
B13 Duty Child  
B14 Killer Shrews  
B15 Rainy Afternoon  
B16 I Fell Ill  
B17 Jesus And Murray  
B18 Buckingham  
B19 Bolt  
Recorded around winter/spring 1986.
"I'm better now! Thanks a bunch!"

Spine credits "Masters Of The Obvious" while the front cover credits "MOTO!". The cassette labels list "M.O.T.O.".

There are at least two slightly different versions of this cassette. Not only are the inner flaps of the cover differently, but the tracklisting differs as well slightly.
This version omits "I Brake For Spades", "Bend Over Backwards" (replaced by "Rainy Afternoon"), "Veteran's Day" and "Sickle Cell Express" (replaced by "Jesus And Murray"), but adds "Bolt" (that track is cut short due to tape limitations).

Both sides feature the same content.