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Ceresit 81

Artist: Ceresit 81

Year: 1984
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Pfui-Tapes, 001
Format: Tape


A1 Die Letzte Glut  
A2 Pancho  
A3 International  
A4 System Atack  
A5 Snuff Squad  
A6 Es Ist Aus  
A7 Smack Is Back  
A8 Fucking Freedom  
A9 Sowjet Pogo  
A10 Drück Ab  
A11 Six Pack  
A12 Die Fahne  
A13 Israel  
A14 Mode  
A15 Die Wende  
A16 Polit Rap  
A17 Kraft Durch Bier  
A18 Korn  
A19 Dustmab  
B1 Six Pack  
B2 Marionetten  
B3 Hass  
B4 Mode  
B5 Snuff Squad  
B6 Die Wende  
B7 Drück Ab  
B8 Das Macht Spaß  
B9 IRA  
B10 Der Neue Führer  
B11 Staatsbesuch  
B12 System Atack  
B13 Die Letzte Glut  
B14 Polit Rap  
B15 Sowjet Pogo  
B16 Dustman  
B17 Korn  


A1 to A7, A10, A12, A14, A17 to A19 recorded in July 1984.
A8, A9, A11, A13, A15, A16 recorded in December 1983.
B1, B3 to B7, B12 to B17 recorded live 25.5.1984.
B2, B8 to B11 recorded live 17.9.1983.