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Dashed Hopes And Pure Delight / Farmer Records 1979 - 1987

Artist: Hungry For What & Sozz Chin-Chin

Year: 1987
Country: Switzerland
Catalog No: Calypso Now, NOW, 109
Format: Tape-2
Spezification: 2xCass + Box
    Hungry For What: Dashed Hopes And Pure Delight
A1 –Hungry For What True Believers  
A2 –Hungry For What When Your Heart Gets Restless  
A3 –Hungry For What Pickers And Sinners  
A4 –Hungry For What Release Me  
A5 –Hungry For What Pouring Rain  
B1 –Hungry For What Laws Of The Market  
B2 –Hungry For What Sick Man Of Communism  
B3 –Hungry For What Tears Of Rage  
B4 –Hungry For What Long Time Tension  
B5 –Hungry For What Shine On Me  
B6 –Hungry For What Six Bullets To Hitsville  
    Bonus Tape: Farmer Records 1979 - 1987
C1 –Sozz Patrol Car  
C2 –Sozz All The Cops  
C3 –Sozz Ghetto Defenders  
C4 –Hungry For What Hungry For War  
D1 –Chin-Chin Desires Only  
D2 –Hungry For What No Longer Controled  
D3 –Chin-Chin Jungle Of Fear  
D4 –Hungry For What The Shattered Dream (Rough Mix)  
D5 –Hungry For What 9 Night Version  
D6 –Chin-Chin Stop! Your Crying (Rough Mix)  
This was the cassette version of the 1987 LP of Hungry For What with a free extra tape added.