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Dead Things

Artist: Various

Year: 1987
Country: United States
Label: Level
Catalog No: Level 11
Format: Tape-2
    AA Side  
A1 Deaf Lions– Looking Forward To Death
A2 The Mumbles*– Breaded Fingers Of Fred
A3 Ken Clinger– Jackson & Andy
A4 Jason Gibbs, Bob Gregory– Show Me The Picture
A5 Animanarcana– Iranscam
    AB Side  
B1 Ideal Order– As Dead As Andy Warhol
B2 Minoy– Reanimation
B3 X-Ray Pop– Dead Trip
B4 Nick, Jim Jones– Kool-Aid Is The One For Kids
B5 Big City Orchestra– Dead Doesn't Exist
    BA Side  
C1 Croiners– He's Dead
C2 H.G. Wells (3)– Project Zombie
C3 Violence & The Sacred*– His Tenderst Parts
C4 Hot Bip– Science
C5 Pat Fish (2)– Going To Hell With Pat Fish
C6 Aion (9)– Whales
C7 The Mumbles*– Fred's Lament
C8 Don Campau– The Golden Years
C9 Lang Thompson– Dead Films
C10 Slob Honey Dawn– Zodiac Missed
C11 Izabella (2)– (Conjuring Up) The Sacred Devil
C12 John M. Bennett, Byron D. Smith*– The Fear, The Blur, The Sickness, No Boy's Face
C13 Rev. Malok*– The Permanence Of Death
    BB Side  
D1 Luc Fierens– Almost Dead Things
D2 Mystery Hearsay– Deadthing
D3 Nick– Good Guys / Bad Guys
D4 M. Schafer (2)– Calling Out / Sewage Treatment Plant
D5 Ken Clinger– Hey Ed
D6 Don Campau, Greg Gray– Buddhist Ceremony At The Burger Joint
D7 BC*– Dear Devil Play This When I'm Dead
D8 Aleister Crowley– Hymn To The American People
D9 Rev. Mike's Radio Ministry– Holy War
D10 Mystery Hearsay– Dead Thang You Make My Hard On Sing
D11 Charles Manson, The Family*– O Garbage Dump
D12 Nick– Fresh Food For The Dead
  • Compiled By, Edited By – Brian Callahan (2)