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Distant Lives

Artist: Mark Piersel

Year: 1983
Country: United Kingdom
Label: DYS
Catalog No: DYS 09
Format: Tape
A1 Many Mansions  
A2 The Illuminating Door  
A3 On A Quiet Axis  
A4 Terra Firma  
B1 Trisan (The Brute)  
B2 The Betrayal  
B3 The Bardo  
  • Artwork [Visual] – Joy Froding
  • Guitar, Synthesizer [Guitar Synthesizer] – Mark Piersel
Small edition size. Comes in normal black cassette snap case with printed, triple folded j-card.

Liner notes:

these were never intended to be compositions in a traditional sense.
although several pieces did seem to develope along specific lines, my intentions were only to familiarize myself with certain musical and recording processes.
in this context these could be considered as experiments.
there has also been a desire on my part to maintain a certain purity with regard to the material itself in that my wish has been to be spontaneous by reacting to each previously recorded track with limited forethought and no real effort to develope rhythmically or harmonically.