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Dominant Submissive, the Desire to Castrate Father / Fanatic / Embracing Power / The Heaviest

Artist: Master/Slave Relationship

Year: 1985
Country: United States
Catalog No: Cause and Effect
Format: Tape-3
  The Desire To Castrate Father
A1 Digression  
A2 Rotating Bodies Explode  
A3 By Force  
A4 The Tongue Everywhere  
A5 Sauve Qui Peut  
A6 Wanting More  
B1 I Feel Sick  
B2 Getting Old  
B3 Enjoy Yourself  
B4 The Impossible Man  
B5 Fits Of Rage  
  Fanatic / Embracing Power
C Fanatic  
D Embracing Power  
  The Heaviest
E1 Ten Years  
E2 What Did You Do?  
F1 Under The Whip  
F2 The Heaviest  
  • Design [Box Cover Design] – D Jaffe*, R Darnell*
  • Design [Liner Design Tape 2 + Tape 3] – Debbie Jaffe
  • Drums – Mark McGee (tracks: A1 to F2)
  • Effects [Manipulations] – Deborah Jaffe* (tracks: E1 to F2)
  • Keyboards, Vocals – Deborah Jaffe* (tracks: A1 to B5, E1 to F2)
  • Tape [Manipulations], Effects, Clarinet – Deborah Jaffe* (tracks: A1 to B5)
Cardboard box with three cassettes in individual snapcases.

Tape 1 (The Desire To Castrate Father) comes with a fold-out six-panel j-card.
Tape 2 (Fanatic / Embracing Power) comes with a standard one-panel j-card. Recorded April 1985.
Tape 3 (The Heaviest) comes with a specially cut j-card.