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Dub Flack

Artist: RBE (Raudive Bunker Experiment)

Year: 1983
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Trench Music Kore, TM 2
Format: Tape
A1 Dub Flack  
A2 Factory Mix  
A3 Scattering Light  
A4 Savage Shuffle  
A5 Zen Flesh  
A6 Peace At Last  
A7 Song Of Robert  
A8 Faith  
A9 Blue Mix  
A10 Trash  
A11 A.80  
A12 Red Sun 2  
A13 Black Poppy  
B14 On His Chest  
  • Composed By [RBE Is] – Andy Wilson (5)
  • Synthesizer [Korg], Programmed By [Sequencer], Bass, Violin – Andy Wilson (5)
Continiuous numbering as on tape.

Recorded 16th September 1982.

"This tape has been recorded as 'pop-music'."

According to Andy Wilson this was released without prior consent by using demo tape material sent to the label. Yet he was very pleased with the result.