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Dust Never Sleeps

Artist: Dust That Collects

Year: 1991
Country: Canada
Catalog No: Endogenous Productions
Format: Tape
Side One
1. Swagrant 1989 unreleased
2. The Children 1987 from Memory Persists
3. Water machine night music 1988 from Fear No Loss of Freedom
4. Life'$ a Battle from Ce n'est pas un black vinyl disque
5. That Special Word 1986 from Ritual Nepenthe
6. Design Your Own Dreams from Ce n'est pas...
Side Two
7. Disaster Area 1987 unreleased
8. Dents in the Screen 1987 from ways of Leisure
9. Town and Country 1987 from Memory Persists
All tracks composed/recorded by Ron McFarlan except (6) composed/recorded by Ron McFarlan and Van LaPointe.
Dust That Collects was formed in 1986 after the dissolution of a one-off project entitled Visceral Landscape. Having very limited access to equipment, much of the early material was recorded using two tape recorders, a series of RCA "Y" adaptors, a headphone amplifier and occasionally a borrowed digital delay pedal, monophonic synthesizer (the size of your forearm) and Realistic reverb unit (courtesy of the Japanese government, no less).The first decent piece of equipment purchased was a Sony Walkman Pro. On this anthology only tracks 1 and 3 of Side 1 employ the more sophisticated technology of a Fostex 4 track recorder and drum machine. Not to apologize in anyway, merely to emphasize the fact that these recordings were made strictly low-fi.
This was the thrust behind Dust That Collects. You didn't need Akai S-1000 samplers to make adventurous sonic journeys. In the five years since DTC began I've had to explore other reasons for creating what to many is "noise" but the fact remains that whenever I contemplate the possibilities associated with the ever expanding technology in music production, I have fond memories of a "pyramid" of eight "Y" adaptors converging around my home stereo.
Ron McFarlan 1991
Special thanks to Myke Dyer and the John Doe label on which much of this material was previously released.