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Artist: Omit

Year: 1992
Country: New Zealand
Catalog No: Deepskin Conceptual Mindmusic
Format: Tape
  Section One
A1 Thixotropy (The Inners Of My Skull Turn To A Thick Warm Fluid)  
A2 Agglutination  
A3 Floation To Rest (Absoprtion Of The Liquid Mind)  
A4 Corrosive Liquids  
A5 The Last Act Before Dissolving (In The Fall Of Trapped Localization Of An Awareness Becomes Even More Apparent)  
  Section Two
B1 Elluent Immersion  
B2 Drowning In Tubes  
B3 Bloated Swollen Liquid Vessels  
B4 The Rotating Cylinder (Container Of Oppression To Which Is Outwardly Denied)  
B5 Consuming Soft Matted Masses  
B6 The Sleepless Fluid (The Suffocation Of The Restless This Process Of Realization Was Never A Inhibition)  
Subtitled "The Formation of Liquid Masses and the Fluid of Dissolving Minds".
Recorded between February to May 1992.

Packaged regular case case with b&w j-card, which is in a plastic bag with jelly packet, string, loose magnetic tape and two folded A4 inserts.

The label name only appears on the labels and is "Deep Skin Recordings".