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Herbstblüte - And then the wind came down

Artist: Mekanik Kommando

Year: 1986
Country: Netherlands
Catalog No: Rosebud Records
Format: Tape-2
Spezification: second edition, limited 50
A1 Tarnfarben 2 4:14
A2 Tarnfarben 3 (cellar) 2:00
A3 Herbst "85 6:04
A4 Sandcastle 1:25
A5 Schnee "86 1:59
A6 Melodia 2:26
A7 Scars Part 2 2:39
A8 Begegnung 3:11
A9 Bahnhof 0:32
B1 Die Grenze 5:34
B2 ESP no. 11 2:51
B3 Tonight, White Birds 3:58
B4 Die Reise 5:11
B5 Nein Fuer Fremde 7:23
C1 Tarnfarben 11a  
C2 Tarnfarben 11b (Eenzaam) 12:32
C3 Tonight, With Rain In Their Eyes 2:38
C4 Iglo 4:35
C5 Smell Of Burning Wings 5:16
D1 Rheingold 4:57
D2 P.P. Talk 3:29
D3 Neuschnee "85 3:44
D4 ESP no. 23 1:36
D5 Dotanz 4:47
D6 Rainbows In France And Spain 4:48
  • Cover, Booklet Editor – Solange, Untreu*
  • Producer – Knust
  • Words By – Scar
This is the second edition ltd. to 50 copies. It comes in a large cardboard box with different artwork and slightly changed title (the word "then" was dropped). In contrast to the first edition this has no booklet and leaves included and it's unnumbered. The cassettes came in hardcases with inlays. Some copies have the same inlay for both cassettes with complete liner notes but tracklist of side 1/2 or 3/4 only.