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Herd under social Hypnosis

Artist: Eye

Year: 1994
Country: Australia
Catalog No: Blatant Propaganda; BPca004
Format: Tape
1 Grave New World  
2 Not The Key  
3 Ode T.V.  
4 H.U.S.H.  
5 Zombie Stomp (CFR mix)  
6 Passion  
7 Does This Look Like Science 2 U?  
Notes A factory pressed cassette tape of EYE recordings from 1993-1994. Tracks 1,2,4,5,6 were recorded on analogue 8-track at "Studio C" of Radio 2XX. Tracks 3 & 7 were recorded on analogue 4 track at "Room 101".
1500 cassettes were produced, distributed and sold via record stores and mail order.

It was made available on BandCamp during 2015 at the address: