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Hic et ubique uno animo

Artist: Human Head Transplant

Year: 1987
Country: United States
Catalog No: Mental Hygiene Cassettes 001
Format: Tape
A1 Beyond Time 3:31
A2 Fetch A Novena 6:40
A3 Loa 5:55
A4 Mishima 5:55
A5 Wierd Sisters 4:25
A6 Slave March 4:37
B1 Final Sacrifice 4:34
B2 Wild Kingdom 3:15
B3 Freak Me Out 3:42
B4 P.G.R. 3:50
B5 Television At Its Best 3:46
B6 Doors Of Perception 2:05
B7 The Descent 4:26
B8 Descent Reprise 2:17
  • Performer – Kelly Cowan, Robert Beaudin, Sheri Van Decar*
A6 recorded at Powerhouse Studios 5-7-86;
A4, B2-B4, B6 recorded at The Leonard 9-27-86;
A1-A3, A5, B1, B5, B7 recorded at The Leonard 10-25-86.