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Home Made Music

Artist: Enrico Serotti

Year: 1981
Country: Italy
Label: Demo City
Catalog No: Demo City DEMO 05
Format: Tape
A1 Chitarre Sfregate  
A2 Insulso  
A3 Human Voice  
A4 Aliti  
A5 The Model  
A6 Christmas  
A7 Jazz  
A8 Lo Sport  
A9 Elica  
A10 Gorni Kramer  
A11 Funebre  
A12 Lust For Life  
B1 Chitarre Pazze 1  
B2 Prato Verde  
B3 Chitarre Pazze 2  
B4 Lude Dell'Est  
B5 Corsa  
B6 Reggae  
B7 Materassi 1  
B8 Banana Boat  
B9 Querida  
B10 Magnifico West  
B11 Paramaribo  
B12 Primavera A Tobasco  
B13 Materassi 2  
B14 Pecari  
B15 Country & Western  
B16 Take Off  
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