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ICA London 9th August 1985

Artist: Nocturnal Emissions

Year: 1985
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Sterile Records, SRC09
Format: Tape
A1 Introduction  
A2 Hit And Run  
A3 Street Sounds  
A4 Revolution Baby  
A5 Power Of Love  
A6 Never Give Up  
A7 Dear Marge  
A8 Sugar Can't Satisfy  
A9 No Separation  
A10 Aborigine  
B1 Introduction  
B2 Hit And Run  
B3 Street Sounds  
B4 Revolution Baby  
B5 Power Of Love  
B6 Never Give Up  
B7 Dear Marge  
B8 Sugar Can't Satisfy  
B9 No Separation  
B10 Aborigine  
  • Performer – Danny Ayers*, Fiona Virtue, Nigel Ayers, Steve Tanza*
  • Recorded By – Mick Gaffney
Bringing enlightenment to the misguided.
Both sides are recorded identically for your continued listening pleasure.
Running time approximately 45 minutes per side.
c+p 1985 Nocturnal Emissions