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Incident in Moderan

Artist: Those Little Aliens

Year: 1980
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Image 341 Inc, IM 001
Format: Tape
A1 Intro  
A2 Lament For A City  
A3 Procession Of The Invaders  
A4 A Voyage On The Seas Of Time  
A5 Voortrekker  
A6 Incident In Moderan  
B1 4 : 4 Rumbling  
B2 Chewing Gum Gives You More Flavour  
B3 Air Passage In The Hall Of Floaters  
B4 Does Time Pass So Slow (Or Is Entropy Encroaching On Us)  
B5 Momente Über Static ???  
  • Performer – Ian Dobson
  • Synthesizer [Cat, Wasp, Korg Ms20], Electronic Drums [Boss Dr Rythmn Drum Machine Dr 55] – Gordon Hope*
"These are our first recordings together and each track is at least 3/4 improvised. The tape was recorded using Tandberg 10 x 10 stereo recorder, Teac A 108 Sync cassette deck, Tensai 2030 amp. The music played on Cat, Wasp and Korg MS20 synths and Boss Dr Rythmn drum machine DR 55."

Track titles are hand written on an insert.