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Iow 76/7

Artist: General Motors

Year: 1984
Country: Switzerland
Catalog No: Calypso Now
Format: Tape
A1 Tubular Turd  
A2 Pompous Bullshit  
A3 Riley Passing  
A4 Still Lurking  
A5 Live Wasp Omelette, Lung  
B1 Set The Controls  
B2 Abdab Boogie  
  Bigness: A Medley
B3 Men Dressed As Bishops  
B4 We Are Not Paranoid  
B5 Who Are Those Guys?  
B6 A Horse, A Spoon And A Basin  
  • Guitar – Andy Thomas (2)
  • Guitar, Stylophone – Robert Cox
Originally at Unlikely Records, licensed to Calypso Now. Cover is a random photograph from a magazine. Inside cover is photocopy of Unlikely's original as shown on here on Discogs.

Calypso Now does not appear on the cover. Calypso Now used chrome tape, which is darker than the normal tape used for the UK versions.