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Listen Little Man

Artist: Sue Ann Harkey

Year: 1982
Country: United States
Label: CNLF
Catalog No: CNLF
Format: Tape
A1 Necessitarianism  
A2 I Should Of  
A3 I Trust Everyone...  
A4 It's Too Late  
A5 Illusions Are Real Too!  
A6 For Survival (A Raga)  
B1 Listen, Little Man  
B2 Desires...  
B3 Celebacy  
B4 What Color Is It?  
B5 Kind Of Think  
  • Artwork By [Back] – Richard Spalding
  • Photography [Booklet P. 6] – Chris Duhl
  • Photography [Booklet P. 7] – Annie Mulcahey
  • Photography [Booklet P. 9] – Deran Ug'ly
  • Photography [Booklet Pp. 10, 13] – Jeffrey Bartone
  • Photography [Front] – Ken Burrus
  • Vocals, Photography [Processing] – SAH*
Labels are spray painted. Includes 16 page illustrated lyric booklet.
A1, A5 produced at Triangle Studio (Seattle) 3/82.
A2, A6 produced at Fallout Studio (Seattle) 8/82.
All other tracks produced at Apt./Art 244 10/82 to 12/82.

A5: Inspired by Robert Anton Wilson's Schrödinger's Cat III - The Homing Pigeons, MAGIC - Dion Fortune, Common Sense Occultism, The Future - Barbara Marx Hubbard.

Booklet photos:
P. 6, Audio Leter; P. 7 A.L.#11; P. 9 Deran Ug'ly, P. 10 Children of Kellogg, SAH, Annie Mulcahey, Frankie Sundsten; P. 13, Children of Kellogg, Frankie & SAH.