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Live at Paradiso Amsterdam 24.09.1980

Artist: Cabaret Voltaire & Eric Random

Year: 0
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape
Spezification: unofficial
  Amsterdam Paradiso 24.9.80
A1 Kneel To The Boss  
A2 This Is Entertainment  
A3 On Every Other Street  
A4 Seconds Too Late  
A5 Here She Comes Now  
A6 No Escape  
A7 Western Mantra  
  Live Old Grey Whistle Test 12.85
A8 I Want You  
A9 Hells Home  
  Rare Tracks
B1 Automotivation  
B2 Diffusion  
B3 Lost Possibilities And Modern Dreams  
B4 Yashar  
B5 Product Patrol  
B6 Twanky Party  
B7 Jesus Saves  
B8 Hey Hey  
Track A7 cuts out & A9 fades, for A9 this was the edit from the end of the tv programme.

Track B1 mis-spelt "Automotoration", taken from video "Gasoline In Your Eye"
Track B2 mis-spelt "Dizzusion", taken from video "Gasoline In Your Eye"
Track B3 title shortened to "Lost Possibilities", taken from the compilation video "TV Wipeout"
Track B5 taken from the compilation LP "If You Can't Please Yourself, You Can't Please Your Soul"
Tracks B6 & B7 taken from the compilation LP "Salvation!"
Track B8 from the European CD edition of "Code"