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Mechanism Of Thought (with Cykx)

Artist: Ray Buttigieg

Year: 1984
Country: United States
Catalog No: Cykx Records, CyR-27-bcf.6054
Format: Vinyl Lp
  Programme One (Emergence)
  Brainwaves (6:00)
A1.i Wired For Energy  
A1.ii Patterns Of Light Particles  
A2 Picture-Future 4:00
A3 Electricity We Pulsate 4:16
  (Divertissement) Erasing Film Of Doubts (4:25)
A4.a Intelligenza/Injoranza  
A4.b Perimeters Of Time  
A4.c Alienation  
A4.d Emission Of Radiation  
A4.e BBor CC  
A4.f No Nuclear Orgies  
A4.g (9263'92U)  
A4.h Chemicalleakageliquid  
A4.i Atlantis Ascending  
A4.j Beyond Politics And Religion  
A5 Love Will Make Us One 3:13
  Programme Two (Transference)
B1 In Similar Motion 4:37
  Probing In Space Oceans (6:35)
B2.i Galactic Interrelation  
B2.ii Once Upon Calisto  
B2.iii Murmurs Of Extraterrestrial Invisibility  
B3 Antiparticle 2:48
  Registering Bits Of Information (Collectionnement) (4:56)
B4.a Decoding Messages  
B4.b Earthdance  
B4.c Biological Substance  
B4.d Undistorted Truth  
B4.e Spacestructure  
B4.f Zero G  
B4.g A Child Was I  
B4.h Micrometalloy  
B4.i MGeV  
B4.j Freedom People  
B4.k Neuroscience  
B4.l Existing Formation  
B5 10,000km Far From Me 3:20
  • Composed By – Ray Buttigieg
  • Performer – Ray Buttigieg
  • Producer – Ray Buttigieg
  • Programmed By – Ray Buttigieg
composed, performed, programmed and produced by ray buttigieg for cykxproductions.
electronically recorded, mixed, and engineered at cykxsoundlab 1982-1984. sampling and programming provided by cykxonyx.
all sound sources, synths, tapes, voices and instruments played by ray buttigieg featuring 'cykx' (the computer), cykxonyx, effectronics, and alloymetalics–(rb 3 + 3XV, rb vi/6XZ, rb f#sixthXY).
cover illustration and videograph R24f-photographics by ray buttigieg for cykxproductions. contact/ray buttigieg/cykx. pob 299, lenox hill station, new york city, new york 10021, usa.