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Mr. John Cage's Prepared Piano

Artist: John Cage

Year: 1976
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Decca, HEAD 9
Format: Vinyl Lp


  Sonates & Interludes For Prepared Piano
A1 Sonata I  
A2 Sonata II  
A3 Sonata III  
A4 Sonata IV  
A5 First Interlude  
A6 Sonata V  
A7 Sonata VI  
A8 Sonata VII  
A9 Sonata VIII  
A10 Second Interlude  
A11 Third Interlude  
B1 Sonata IX  
B2 Sonata X  
B3 Sonata XI  
B4 Sonata XII  
B5 Fourth Interlude  
B6 Sonata XIII  
B7 Sonatas XIV & XV "Gemini" - After The Work By Richard Lippold  
B8 Sonata XVI  

Companies, etc.



Include 4-page booklet with photos and notes in English, French and German.

Booklet info:
"? 1975 © 1976 The Decca Record Company Limited, London".
"????HEAD 9".
Printed in England by Senol Printing Limited.

Back cover info:
Recorded December 1974 at Petersham.
"? © 1975 The Decca Record Company Limited, London".
Made in England.
Sleeve printed in England by Robert Stace.
Stereo info, verticaly on right-hand edge.
Copyrights "Warning" at bottom right.

Spine string: "John Cage: Sonatas & Interludes For Prepared Piano John Tilbury DECCA ???? HEAD 9".

Center-labels info:
Red label w/Silver text, 
Copyrights rim text in English with "Made in England by The Decca Record Co. Ltd." on top.
DECCA’s “ffss Full Frequency Stereophonic Sound ffss” silver banner on top of spindle hole.
Matrix numbers printed on top of cat#.
"? 1975 The Decca Record Co. Ltd." at the right of spindle hole, on top of record matrix and cat#.
Side identifier at the left of spindle hole.