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Night & Day (Dreams)

Artist: Various

Year: 1989
Country: Germany
Label: IRRE Tapes
Catalog No: Irre tapes; IT012
Format: Tape


A1 Angels Of The Odds Hiding From Fears  
A2 Josef Boys Doors Open And In  
A3 Sektor Slaves-1  
A4 Solanaceae Tau Replikant  
A5 Deux Baleines Blanches Fidget  
A6 Trigger & The Acid Dreams Greatful Soldier  
A7 Opera Multi Steel J. L'Aveugee  
B1 Gypsy (24) Drawing Down The Moon  
B2 Nostalgie Eternelle Ubiquitous  
B3 X-Ray Pop Cobra  
B4 The Hilti Revenge Sisyphus  
B5 Totungsdelikt Cursing The V-Cities  
B6 M. Finnkrieg Clean State (Remixed)  
B7 Gahli Vahli Nemegree  


  • Photography [Cover Art] – CW2614


Front motive is a photography pasted on j-card.

Track B3 is commented as "Rare Track from 1984".