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On Any Normal Monday

Artist: Cleaners From Venus

Year: 1982
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Man At The Off Licence,
Format: Tape
  Light Side
A1 Night Starvation  
A2 Tukani (Monday Is Grey)  
A3 A Girl With Cars In Her Eyes  
A4 I Can't Stop (Holding On)  
A5 Living On Nerve Ends  
A6 I Wanna Do That  
  Heavy Side
B1 European War  
B2 Hungry Day  
B3 F.U.N.  
B4 Be An Idiot Pop Star  
B5 Spirit Of Youth In Flames  
  • Vocals, Instruments, Written-By – Lawrence Elliott, Martin Newell
"Recording gear: Four-track-in-a-dining-room. No amplifiers used."
Original release by Man At The Off Licence, licenced to Calypso Now. Catalogue number may not appear on the Calypso Now release.

Note regarding the cover:
Martin Newell's early tapes all had hand-colored cover drawings. Those were then photocopied in black and white for the Calypso Now license releases, sometimes then hand-colored as well. Sometimes the original cover of Newell was copied in full color.