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Painting by Numbers

Artist: Random Bob

Year: 1985
Country: Netherlands
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape
A1 Egyptian Slang Talk  
A2 Bush Bells  
A3 Tear/Rip/Crease/Kick  
A4 Clowns (1)  
A5 Saxoshowbiz  
A6 Japanese Flute Song  
B1 Clowns (2)  
B2 Inside Way  
B3 Jungle Food  
B4 Laughter As You Fall  
B5 End Of Time  
  • Bass [Hejplatique], Effects – Colin McClure
  • Percussion [Additique] – Hanneke Marico
  • Saxophone, Flute, Voice, Synthesizer [Mono-synth Amérique] – Geoff Leigh
  • Synthesizer [Poly-synth Japonaise] – Henk Weltevreden
  • Voice, Percussion [Afrique] – Asad Oberoi
This music was recorded with a stereo microphone directly onto cassette between october and november 1984. All pieces are improvised except for 'Japanese flute song', which has a pre-written text.
? & © Random Bob 1985.