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Artist: Stress

Year: 1984
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Adventures in Reality, ARR 010
Format: Tape
A1 Engrave The Name  
A2 Nothing New  
A3 Raga  
A4 Hide From View  
A5 I Go To Pieces  
A6 Semi-D Prison  
B1 Down Through The Years  
B2 Freespeak  
B3 Enigma  
B4 Rule Of Force  
B5 The Pulse Thickens  
B6 4th Dimension  
B7 ZX Spectrum Graphics  
The standard cassette snapcase was packed in a Datasette Cartridge with color copied cover.
There are different version of the color copied cover. The pictured yellow spine version and a red spine version, which also sets the tracklisting on the back a little bit different.

At the end of Side 2 is a 16/48k ZX Spectrums graphics program which "gives details of Adventure in Reality products". Instructions as to how to load this are stuck to the inside of the Datasette Cartridge.