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The Arse of Mankind

Artist: Second Auschwitz

Year: 1985
Country: Netherlands
Label: WW Tapes
Catalog No: WW Tapes Six
Format: Tape
A1 TV-Religion  
A2 Fat Jesus Laughing  
A3 Terror Houses  
A4 The Charge  
A5 New Deportations  
A6 Murder  
A7 Amsterdam  
A8 No Sun Came Up  
A9 Agent Orange  
B1 Too Much To Be Real  
B2 2 Colliding Revolutions  
B3 Running Out Of Time  
B4 Schlachtenbummler  
B5 On Top  
B6 Rock  
B7 Fast  
B8 Asking  
B9 Chosen Darkness  
B10 Stop  
B11 New Hitler Arrives  
B12 Burgerwacht  
B13 The Lie They Lie  
B14 Rotten To The Core  
B15 Why Bother  
B16 Laat Rome ...  
B17 They Don't Know  
B18 You Stink  
B19 System  
B20 Terror Houses  
B21 Amsterdam  
B22 Lili Marleen  
B23 Murder  
B24 Do We Really Need To Make Animals  
Demo 6
Recorded live at the "Werkwinkel", Helmond, The Netherlands on sunday morning 10:00 AM, February the 24th 1985.
Comes with 2 inserts.