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The Final Taboo

Artist: Timothy Leary

Year: 1984
Country: United States
Catalog No: Trance Port Tapes 7
Format: Tape
A1 Richard Pryor  
A2 A Risky Profession  
A3 Washington B.C.  
A4 The San Andreas Opportunity  
A5 Short Term Memory Loss  
A6 Life Is Not An Accident  
A7 The Bible Version Of Creation  
A8 Conception Of My Conception  
B1 Botanical Wisdom  
B2 Victimless Crimes In The 60's  
B3 Drugs Of The 80's  
B4 Space Migration  
B5 Prison Life  
B6 The Final Taboo  
"... a lecture given by Timothy Leary at a club in Huntington Beach, Calif. in June, 1980."