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Who's Laughing Now?

Artist: Various

Year: 1989
Country: Norway
Catalog No: Hypertonia World Enterprises; HWE 023
Format: Tape


A01 Unknown Artist Intro ("Who's Laughing Now?" Evil Dead II) 1:30
A02 The Walter Ulbricht Experience Evil Dead 317 5:15
A03 Sack* WSFO 2 Horror-Version 1:33
A04 Hermanos Guzanos Atomic Sub 1:50
A05 Paul Kelday Confined Within The Walls Of Knowledge (Exerpt) 1:55
A06 Bullwinkle And Simon Parsnip's Scientifical Theatre Grinding Of Newborn Children 0:49
A07 S·Core Infertility 2:38
A08 Andrew Savage (4) Blood Clot Shampoo (Dracula's Best Friend Re-mix) 2:47
A09 Trigger B Pan 3:40
A10 The George And Dragon D.F.-The Guitarman 3:08
A11 Quintet De L'art Mr Seguin A Tué Sa Chèvre 3:32
A12 Hermanos Guzanos Colossus Of New York 1:54
A13 Lys Assia* Fjord (Exerpt) 2:00
A14 The Horse Falls Real Horror 5:03
A15 Laurent Fauconnet Presomption 3:40
A16 Loke (4) Hel 4:17
B01 Andrew Savage (4) I Shave The Hairs That Grow At The Ends Of My Toes 1:08
B02 Famlende Forsøk Chtulhu (Live) 11:02
B03 Deaf Goes East Turning Slowly 5:06
B04 Hybryds Beelzebub Is Sucking Cock In Heaven 3:55
B05 Hermanos Guzanos Decent Into Hell 1:29
B06 Åreknuteknyterne* Regan 2:45
B07 Peace & Freedom* Veil Of Flames (Exerpt) 2:35
B08 Flatbush When The Safety Net Breaks (Exerpt) 3:40
B09 Tristan Christ Night Club 1:51
B10 Machine Maid Man Welcome To The Madhouse 3:58
B11 Lovely Ivor Contemplation 29 2:05
B12 Hermanos Guzanos Buzzsaw Basement 3:36
B13 Unknown Artist The End (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) 3:09