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You Look Good

Artist: Sir Freddi Viadukt

Year: 1986
Country: Switzerland
Catalog No: Calypso Now, RUM, 92
Format: Tape
A1 No Other Baby  
A2 The Visit  
A3 Moonlight And Me  
A4 Let Me Out  
A5 Slo Train To  
A6 You Look Good  
A7 Space Alligator  
B1 Come Oh Oh Yeah!  
B2 Walk The Water  
B3 Elevate The Weight  
B4 Theme From White Man Abroad  
B5 Scream  
  • Melodica, Saxophone, Flute, Vocals, Percussion – Brenda Kenny
  • Producer, Engineer, Bass, Guitar, Drums, Cornet, Saxophone, Xylophone, Vocals – Sir Freddi Viadukt*
  • Saxophone – Jo Ros
A7 and B5 remixed from Yum Yum Yum Ya album