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Order Table
LabelYear runningCountry
ACLMXUnited States
Actual TapesUnited States
AeonUnited States
Ahnt Dyng MusicUnited States
Alarma!United States
All CutsUnited States
Alternate RouteUnited States
Anemic Billford MagazineUnited States
Anode ProductionsUnited States
Anvil CreationsUnited States
Architects OfficeUnited States
Arnold Mathes self-producedUnited States
ARTIFACTS/ycleptUnited States
ARTlevel Rec.United States
Ashley Cooper VibrationsUnited States
ASPUnited States
Association AMIUnited States
Atlas KingUnited States
Audio Muzixa QetUnited States
AudiofileUnited States
audiofile TapesUnited States
audiofile Tapes / Harsh RealityUnited States
Audion RecordingUnited States
Audiophile TapesUnited States
Aura CommunicationsUnited States
AuricleUnited States
AWB RecordingUnited States
Bad Funkmatron RecordsUnited States
Bad News-Cassette ZineUnited States
Bang UtotUnited States
Bang ZoomUnited States
Banned ProductionUnited States
Basic TapesUnited States
BEMN (Baltimore Electronic Music Network)United States
BeyondThe PaleUnited States
Big Body PartsUnited States
Black Rock Baby HouseUnited States
Breakfast Without MeatUnited States
Bubble Records / Bubble MusicUnited States
CaedmonUnited States
Camaraderie MusicUnited States
Cassette CurriculumUnited States
Cassette MythosUnited States
Catfish ProductionsUnited States
Cause and EffectUnited States
Charnel MusicUnited States
CNFLUnited States
CNLFUnited States
Code Zero MusicUnited States
Collission CassettesUnited States
ComplacencyUnited States
ComproviseUnited States
ConcreteUnited States
Continuum MontageUnited States
Cool BeansUnited States
Coranach MusicUnited States
Corpqii ProductionsUnited States
Coup De Grace ProductionsUnited States
Cracked Cranium CassettesUnited States
CrowdUnited States
CuneiformUnited States
Cyclotron IndustriesUnited States
Cykxin Corp.United States
Dada CassettesUnited States
Damned Ship WorksUnited States
Deception CassettesUnited States
Demented Mind MillUnited States
Deus Ex Machina Records And TapesUnited States
Deux Ex MachinaUnited States
Discordia/ConcordiaUnited States
Doctor Terrence 13United States
Don & Judy RecordsUnited States
Doormat, Tx.United States
Dutch Boy Records L.T.D.United States
DYSUnited States
Ecstatic Peace!United States
Ecto TapesUnited States
Ed Van FleetUnited States
Edmonds Community CollegeUnited States
Endgame RecordsUnited States
Engram Records & TapesUnited States
Entertainment TapesUnited States
EpitapesUnited States
Esfonia Radio Network CassetteUnited States
Eugene Electronic Music CollectiveUnited States
EurockUnited States
Evolutionary MusicUnited States
F.D.R. Tapes1994-2003United States
FDR TapesUnited States
Flesh RecordsUnited States
Fortuna RecordsUnited States
FOT RecordsUnited States
Fresh Sounds IncUnited States
Frog HollowUnited States
FrustapesUnited States
Fun MusicUnited States
Galen RecordsUnited States
Gen Ken Montgomery LabelUnited States
General Purpose CassettesUnited States
Generations UnlimitedUnited States