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Clemente PadinInstrumentos 74 (OVUM)1974UruguayMag/Lit
Livio TragtenbergMutilograma a Murilo Mendes (Cultura Musical Edicions musicais) 1979UruguayMag/Lit
Clemente PadinRegisterred Marks (OVUM)UruguayMag/Lit
Charles Levendosky"from hell to breakfast" booklet1972United StatesMag/Lit
1/2 Japanese1/2 Japanese Promo PostcardUnited StatesMag/Lit
Big City Orchestra10th Anniversary Calender 19890United StatesMag/Lit
Jackson Mac Low21 matched Asymetries (Aloes Books)1978United StatesMag/Lit
Jackson Mac Low22 Light Poems (Black Sparrow Press) 1968United StatesMag/Lit
Larry Wendt24 private photosUnited StatesMag/Lit
Jackson Mac Low36th Light Poem (Permanent Press) 1975United StatesMag/Lit
Jackson Mac Low4 Trains (Burning Deck Providence) 1974United StatesMag/Lit
Hunting Lodge8 Ball promoUnited StatesMag/Lit
Dick Higginsa book abozut love and war (Nova Broadcast)1969United StatesMag/Lit
Toby Luriea hand book on vocal poetry (Journey into language) 19741974United StatesMag/Lit
Bob Cobbinga Peal in Air Underwhich Editions 19781978United StatesMag/Lit
Bill Griffithsa preliminary account of Nordrhein WestfalenUnited StatesMag/Lit
VariousA quiet Man0United StatesMag/Lit
Ian Hamilton Finlaya sailors calender (Something Else Press)United StatesMag/Lit
Larry Wendt / Stephen RuppenthalA Sonic, Visual & Oral History of Sound Poetry1977United StatesMag/Lit
Jesse GlassAgainst the Agony of Matter (Ahadada Books) 1999United StatesMag/Lit
Algebra SuicideAlgebra Suicide Letter 19861986United Statespicture
Amor Fati / Will to LiveAmor Fati / Will to Live Bulletin IUnited StatesMag/Lit
Amor Fati / Will to LiveAmor Fati / Will to Live Bulletin IIUnited StatesMag/Lit
La Monte Youngan Anthology 19631963United StatesMag/Lit
Kerry LeimerAn Interview With K Leimer in Eurock0United StatesMag/Lit
Paul VangelistiAnother You (The Red Hill Press)1980United StatesMag/Lit
Arnold MathesArnold Mathes Promo-MaterialUnited StatesMag/Lit
Psychic TVArticles in Modern Primitives (Re/Search)1989United StatesMag/Lit
Charles BernsteinArtifice of Absorption (Paper Air)1987United StatesMag/Lit
Mario MarzidovsekArtist and Label PromoUnited StatesMag/Lit
Artless TimeArtless Time OverviewUnited StatesMag/Lit
Artless TimeArtless Time Tape OverviewUnited StatesMag/Lit
Jackson Mac LowAugust Light Poems (Caterpillar 9) 19671967United StatesMag/Lit
Betsy DavisBathtub (Rebis)1975United StatesMag/Lit
Einst├╝rzende NeubautenBerliner Krankheit StickerUnited StatesMag/Lit
Greg HornBig GrumpyUnited StatesMag/Lit
Bill GreenawaltBill Greenawalt Synphonic InfoUnited Statespicture
John HudakBiographyUnited StatesMag/Lit
Einst├╝rzende NeubautenBlixa Bargeld Primitive Arbeit PolaroidsUnited StatesMag/Lit
Fakir MusafarBody PlayUnited StatesMag/Lit
Sleep ChamberBooklet0United StatesMag/Lit
Psychic TVBooklet to Inner-X Interview Tape-Release1984United StatesMag/Lit
Bob DavisBreak Gass in Case of Fire (Edited by Bob Davis with Rich Gold).1978United StatesMag/Lit
FactrixCalifornia Babylon Poster0United StatesPoster
Larry Wendt / Stephen RuppenthalCalifornia Zen Romances Infosheet and Invitation1979United StatesMag/Lit
Charlie MorrowCareer Description Status 19801980United StatesMag/Lit
Charles AmirkhanianCharles Amirkhanian Promo MapUnited StatesMag/Lit
CoilCoil in FeverishUnited StatesMag/Lit
Vandal XCollapse 1United StatesMag/Lit
Greta MonachCompoezieUnited StatesMag/Lit
Dick HigginsComputers for the Arts (Abyss Publications)1970United StatesMag/Lit
Toby LurieConversations with the past (Laughing Bear Press) 19771977United StatesMag/Lit
PsyclonesCult Leader PostcardUnited StatesMag/Lit
David SinfieldDavid Sinfield Interview in Eurock0United StatesMag/Lit
William S. BurroughsDead City RadioUnited StatesPoster
KwashiorkorDescription of Kwashiorkor by Mark Meleason (Shanty Town) for a musicology class1986United StatesMag/Lit
DevoDevo PostcardUnited StatesMag/Lit
John CageDiary (Great Bear Pamphlet)1967United StatesMag/Lit
Dick HigginsDie Fabelhafte Getraeume von Taifun Willi (Abyss Publiscations)1970United StatesMag/Lit
Don SlepianDon Slepian "Electronic Music from the Rainbow Isle Tape Program Info1978United StatesMag/Lit
John Di StefanoDrift (by Klang) Tape InfoUnited StatesMag/Lit
1/2 Japaneseearly 90's Tour PosterUnited StatesPoster
Steve Roachearly Biography and InterviewUnited StatesMag/Lit
Corrosion of ConformityEarly Promo Map1984United StatesMag/Lit
Emerald Webearly Tape-PromoUnited StatesMag/Lit
EskatonEskaton Interview in Eurock0United StatesMag/Lit
Jerome RothenbergEster K. comes to America (Unicorn Press) 1974United StatesMag/Lit
Marcel DuchampEtant Donnes (Museum of Art Philadelphia) 19871987United StatesMag/Lit
VariousEurock picture0United StatesMag/Lit
F/iF/i InfosheetsUnited StatesMag/Lit
VariousFive on Fiche . Prose and poetry by Michael Dean, Brian Dedora, John Riddell, Steven Smith and Richard Truhlar (Underwhich Editions)United StatesMag/Lit
Throbbing GristleFlyer Vets Auditorium Los Angeles, May 22nd, 1981 1981United StatesPoster
Greta MonachFonergon 77-1United StatesMag/Lit
Richard KostelanetzForeshortenings and other Stories (Tuumba Press 14) 1978United StatesMag/Lit
VariousFounder of the I.E.M.A. International Electronic Music Association0United StatesMag/Lit
ResidentsFreak Show0United StatesMag/Lit
The Church of the SubgeniusFunding-PosterUnited StatesPoster
Jerome RothenbergGematria 27United StatesMag/Lit
Gen Ken MontgomeryGen Ken and Equipment AddUnited StatesMag/Lit
Harry PartchGenesis of a Music (2nd edition)United StatesMag/Lit
Genesis P-OrridgeGenesis P Orridge with John Zewizz and Malcolm SmithUnited StatesMag/Lit
Bliem KernGeorge Washington (Maison de la Bleame)1976United StatesMag/Lit
VariousGiorno Poetry Systems presents his holiness Dudjom Rinpoche1975United StatesMag/Lit
DokumentHandwritten Bio by John ZewizzUnited StatesMag/Lit
Bern PorterI've left (Something Else Press)1971United StatesMag/Lit
Dead KennedysIn God We Trust T-ShirtUnited StatesMag/Lit
Bruce LicherIndependent Project: The Ten Year Retrospective 1979-1989United StatesMag/Lit
Charles PlymellInfo-BookletUnited StatesMag/Lit
CoaccidentInfo-Sheets1979United StatesMag/Lit
Cyrille VerdeauxInformation to Cyrille Verdeaux0United StatesMag/Lit
Mark ShreeveInformation to Mark Shreeve0United StatesMag/Lit
Michelle MusserInformation to Michelle Musser0United StatesMag/Lit
Kenneth GaburoInfosheetUnited StatesMag/Lit
Adriano Spatola & Paul VangelistiItalian Poetry 1960-19801982United StatesMag/Lit
John BenderJohn Bender i dont remember now insert0United StatesMag/Lit
John DuncanJohn DUncan in Grok MagUnited StatesMag/Lit
S.P.K.Junk Funk Promo Poster1984United StatesPoster
Ken MooreKen Moore Photo0United StatesMag/Lit
Ken MooreKen Moore Review Tempus Fugit in Surface Noise Winter 831983United StatesMag/Lit