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B, TerriAbstractMusic & Elsewhere; M&E 409Music & Elsewhere1997United KingdomTape
B, TerriOpen The Box…Music & Elsewhere; M&E 426Music & Elsewhere1998United KingdomTape
B-52'sLive Logo Hamburg 79Pope Music Productions LTDPope Music Productions Ltd1979United KingdomTape
B-M-Gnmtole warriorsCheap Tapes InternationalCheap Tapes International0United StatesTape
B. CrownSnow Of YesterdaynoneNot on Label (self-released)1989Tape
B.C.Fugit HosenoneNot on Label (self-released)0United StatesTape
B.G.S.Cassette Rein Und RausnoneNot on Label (self-released)1981GermanyTape
B.M.U.S.The Tapeone go BellydanceBROKEN ARROWBroken Arrow1981Tape
B.SidesAmbient musicS.ABF. Consolidated (Giancarlo Martina)S.ABF. Consolidated1981ItalyTape
B.SidesAutomations don'tTRUXTRUX1982ItalyTape
B.SidesTrax 300182 + 310282TRAXTRAX1983ItalyTape
BA 25+ ?– _SplitKK Records, KK 035 1989Belgium Vinyl Lp
BaabasameCPT. SPARKY; POLISH FREE PSYCHEDELIC MUSIC;Cpt. Sparky Publications0Tape
Baader Pop GruppeKrieg Und LeichenStichting Update MaterialsStichting Update Materials (STUM)1982NetherlandsTape
Baader Pop GruppeZappenblitzDisaster Electronics (D.E.I.) 975,8 1982NetherlandsVinyl 7"
Baby Jesus HitlerSoldier BoySound Of PigSound of Pig Music1988United StatesTape
Babylon FightersConcertKronchtadt TapesKronchtadt Tapes1985FranceTape
BacilleGuerin in MedicineZimbo 23Zimbo Tapes0Tape
Backyard Mechanicsfor languageBurning PressBurning Press1988United StatesTape
Backyard Possum TrotCyberbilly PoleswipenoneNot on Label (self-released)0United StatesTape
Bacuum Car + Girl FriendsSpy Eater / Chi ChiNOISENoise0Tape
Bad Boy Butch BatsonTwisted & BentDutch Boy RecordsDutch Boy Records L.T.D.1988United StatesTape
Bad BrainsBad Brains (Album)ROIR (Reachout International Records), A, 106ROIR (Reachout International Records)1982United StatesTape
Bad ReligionAlong the WayTribal Video 1990Tribal Video0Video
Bad SectorZeSlaughter Productions, SPT 22 Slaughter Productions1994ItalyTape
Bäck / Johnson / BodinElektronmusikstudion Dokumentation 4 Sveriges Radio LPD 4, Sveriges Radio RBLP 1159Sveriges Radios Förlag1973Sweden Vinyl Lp
Bärchen Und Die Milchbubis Dann Macht Es BummNo Fun Records, NF 013 1981Germany Vinyl Lp
Bärchen Und Die MilchbubisJung Kaputt Spart AltersheimeNo Fun Records NF 102 1980GermanyVinyl 7"
Bärchen Und Die MilchbubisSchatzgräber TapeAll Roads Lead To Beatown; beat two 1987GermanyTape
BagGinto a KleenexnoneNot on Label (self-released)0United StatesTape
Bailey, Frith, Fitzgerald, ReichelGuitar Solos 2Caroline Records, C 1518 1976United Kingdom Vinyl Lp
BaltusNicht Jeder Tag kann Sonntag seinFielitz; Fielitz Tapes 02 Fielitz1991GermanyTape
BaltusWahre FreundeFielitz; Fielitz Tapes 01 Fielitz0GermanyTape
Band Of Holy JoyAnticipationnoneNot on Label (self-released)1983United KingdomTape
Band Of Holy JoyFavourite Fairytales For Juvenile Delinquents noneNot on Label (self-released)1983United KingdomTape
Band Of Holy JoyFavourite Fairytales For Juvenile Delinquents noneNot on Label (self-released)1983United KingdomTape
Band Of Holy JoyMore Favourite FairytalesPleasantly Surprised, PS004 Pleasantly Surprised1984United KingdomTape
Band Of Holy Joyseletced early original ReelsnoneNot on Label (self-released)0United KingdomReel
Band Of Holy JoyThe Corrupt and the Innocent0Tape
Band Of Holy JoyThe Devil and the Deep Blue SeaCause for Concern, CFC 031Cause for Concern1984United KingdomTape
Bande Berne CrematoireLIVE 84LIMITED 18/25Not on Label (self-released)0Tape
Bande Berne CrematoireLive Berlin / Frankfurt 13-7-85 und 29.6.85Self producedBande Berne Crematoire1985SwitzerlandTape
Bande Berne CrematoireLive Performance Biel 1.DecemberBande Berne Crématoire, BBCT03Bande Berne Crematoire1984SwitzerlandTape
Bande Berne CrematoireStudio 1985Bande Berne CrematoireBande Berne Crematoire1984SwitzerlandTape
Bande Berne CrematoireuntitledCalypso NowCalypso Now1986SwitzerlandTape
Bande Berne CrematoireUntitledBande Berne Crématoire, BBCT02Bande Berne Crematoire1985SwitzerlandTape
Bande Krimineller AnfängerBKA Live ChaotenbunkerBKA001Not on Label (self-released)1982GermanyTape
Bang Crash WallopBook 1 - live Saturday the 13thBalsam Flex 36Balsam Flex1979United KingdomTape
Bang Crash WallopBook 2 - live Saturday the 13thBalsam Flex 37Balsam Flex1978United KingdomTape
Bang Crash WallopDubbin and Dobbin on a StickBalsam Flex 39Balsam Flex1979United KingdomTape
Bang Crash WallopRoof of the Rex / Back to the seaBalsam Flex 38Balsam Flex1979United KingdomTape
Bankiers & TeufelsreiterEine SammlungStock & Hut Kassetten 05Stock Und Hut Kassetten1984GermanyTape
Bar & CoZMusic & Elsewhere; M&E 198Music & Elsewhere1993United KingdomTape
Barbara BenaryGamelon Son of LionNew WIlderness Audiographics, 8442ANew Wilderness Audiographics1984United StatesTape
Barbara BoltonHappy Songs from Sad Times0United StatesTape
Bardo ThödölDead In LithangKangyur Recordings, KR, 03, 87111987Tape
Barking DogmaBarking DogmaMusic & Elsewhere; M&E 318Music & Elsewhere1995United KingdomTape
Barlow, KlarenzTalkmaster's Choice (mit der Stimme von John Cage) (Kopie des Autors)0Tape
Barnacle Choir85 BCWarpt West Music, WPT010Warpt West Music1985United StatesTape
Barnacle ChoirTrendy Candles For Happy TouristsWarpt West Music, WPT012Warpt West Music1986United StatesTape
Barney JonesCybernetic OverdoseGalactus; Space 015Galactus Tapes1988United StatesTape
Barney JonesOmegaSound Of PigSound of Pig Music0United StatesTape
Barney JonesOmega 3Sound of Pig, SOP 132Sound of Pig Music1987United StatesTape
Barney JonesThe Hall Of GatesAudiofile Tapes, aT32audiofile Tapes1987United StatesTape
Barrasame0United KingdomTape
BarraThe Mini AlbumMusic & Elsewhere; M&E 258Music & Elsewhere1994United KingdomTape
Barringtons (Philip Johnson)They Yearn For ...Philip Johnson self-releasedNot on Label (self-released)1980United KingdomTape
Barry ChristianBiosonic DomainsDirection Music, DMC 05Direction Music1989United KingdomTape
Barry Cleveland...with Bob Stohl Kat Epple Michael MasleyAudion Recording Co ?SYNC 101 / Barry Cleveland TI-2Audion Recording1985United StatesTape
Barry ClevelandMythosAudion Recording Co SYN 101 1986United States Vinyl Lp
Barry GilbertZulu Formicaself releasedNot on Label (self-released)0United StatesTape
Barry LambDusk (C.60)Falling A Records and PublishingFalling A Records And Publishing1977United KingdomTape
Barry LambExperimental Bus Service (C.60)Falling A Records and PublishingFalling A Records And Publishing1980United KingdomTape
Barry LambKeys (C.60)Falling A Records and PublishingFalling A Records And Publishing1978United KingdomTape
Barry LambLudi Funebres (C.60)Falling A Records and PublishingFalling A Records And Publishing1979United KingdomTape
Barry LambPicnic (C.60)Falling A Records and PublishingFalling A Records And Publishing1981United KingdomTape
Barry LambPoetry for motorways (C.60)Falling A Records and PublishingFalling A Records And Publishing1981United KingdomTape
Barry LambTelephone call at the edge of the universe (C.60)Falling A Records and PublishingFalling A Records And Publishing1979United KingdomTape
Barry SchwartzOptic NerveV2_Archief; V214 V2_Archief1991NetherlandsTape
Barschels BewährungshelferKampf Der Perfektion Part. 20Tape
Bartles and Arpad (John Bartles and Arpad Sekeres)Heathen Dog Likkers From The New World Order Godiva Records; god61994United StatesTape
Basement! / The ConventAnother Miracle / Thank YouBlackout Promotions PromoBlackout Promotions0GermanyTape
Basic Principlessame1985Tape
BastaAfrikaMu?ik, B 112 1982GermanyVinyl 7"
BastaBetriebsausflug / La CageBerlin Rock News, 66.11 472-01 1982GermanyVinyl 7"
Bastard Finderssame1991United StatesTape
Bastard Noise / HermitsameRECALCITRANT NOISE (USA), LIMITED 100 IN SPECIAL PACKAGINGRecalcitrant Noise0United StatesTape
Bat LennyMarch of the Small OnesTim Id ProductionsTim Id Productions1988United StatesTape
Bat LennyQuasi QuoTim Id ProductionsTim Id Productions1985United StatesTape
Bat Lenny / Limpid GreenStream of UnconsciousnessTim ID-Productions0United StatesTape
BatchasArmi ChimicheScrotum ProductionScrotum Production1985SwitzerlandTape
BatchasCaracteresScrotum ProductionScrotum Production1987SwitzerlandTape
BatchasHyioideScrotum ProductionScrotum Production1987SwitzerlandTape
BatchasMusique De Milieu Part IScrotum ProductionScrotum Production1986SwitzerlandTape
BatchasMusique De Milieu Part IIScrotum ProductionScrotum Production1987SwitzerlandTape
BatchasMusique De Milieu Part IIIScrotum ProductionScrotum Production1987SwitzerlandTape
BatchasSchizoidie - Trilogie Part IScrotum ProductionScrotum Production1988SwitzerlandTape
BatchasSchizoidie - Trilogie Part IIScrotum ProductionScrotum Production1989SwitzerlandTape