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W.A.T.Nijmegen 14 Feb 84noneNot on Label (self-released)1984NetherlandsTape
W.B. YeatsAnd His WorldsAudio Arts Volume 1 Number 4Audio Arts1981United KingdomTape
W.B. YeatsAnd his WorldsAudio Arts Volume 1 Number 4Audio Arts1974United KingdomTape
Waiting for BardotMusic For Cassette Decks Vol. Idumbeat 1Not on Label (self-released)1980United KingdomTape
Waiting for BardotMusic for Cassette Decks Vol.1Flowmotion, ART 007Flowmotion1981United KingdomTape
WallaghWallaghStichting Update Materials stum.bbbStichting Update Materials (STUM)0NetherlandsTape
WallensteinBlitzkriegPilz 20 29064-6 1972Germany Vinyl Lp
WallensteinMother UniversePilz 20 29113-8 1972Germany Vinyl Lp
Wallmen$ 3.00Dead JudyDead Judy1987United StatesTape
WallmenEelvibes from the Voodoo KitchenDead JudyDead Judy1985United StatesTape
WallmenFluffy Like youAudiofile Tapes; at 52 audiofile Tapes1988United StatesTape
WallmenLast Of The Broken MexicansDead JudyDead Judy0United StatesTape
WallmenLive 86Dead JudyDead Judy0United StatesTape
WallmenMr Happy ManDead JudyDead Judy1987United StatesTape
WallmenNemmllaw:You Are The Wallmen TodayDead JudyDead Judy0United StatesTape
WallmenNot a good dayDead JudyDead Judy1985United StatesTape
WallmenSlackadelicsDead JudyDead Judy1991United StatesTape
WallmenSuper Sonic WithchcraftDead JudyDead Judy1987United StatesTape
Walls Of GeniusAlmost Groovy!Walls of Genius WOG 0005Walls of Genius1983United StatesTape
Walls Of GeniusAlmost Groovy!Calypso NowCalypso Now1983SwitzerlandTape
Walls Of GeniusBefore ...And AfterWalls of Genius WOG 4519Walls of Genius1984United StatesTape
Walls Of GeniusLudovico Treatment AlbumSound of Pig, SOP 072Sound of Pig Music1984United StatesTape
Walls Of GeniusRaw Sewage, Vol. 1Walls of GeniusWalls of Genius1984United StatesTape
Wally ShoupAlto SaxnoneNot on Label (self-released)1984United StatesTape
Wally ShoupAlto Sax Improvisations (C50)Calypso Now, WS, 40Calypso Now1984SwitzerlandTape
Wally Shoup / Doug HaireUprightnoneNot on Label (self-released)0Tape
Walter 11Live Epple Haus Tübingen 01.03.86Think Tapes1986Tape
Walter DavyDie BlindenORF Landesstudio Niederösterreich0AustriaReel
Walter FähndrichMusik Fuer RaeumeEdition Giannozzo Berlin, noneEdition Giannozzo Berlin1985GermanyTape
Walter Marchetti La Caccia (Da Arpocrate Seduto Sul Loto)Cramps Records, CRSLP 6104 Cramps1974Italy Vinyl Lp
Walter MarchettiIn Terram UtopicamCramps Records, CRSLP 6115 Cramps1977Italy Vinyl Lp
Walter ZimmermannBeginners MindBeginner Recordings R 7709 (S) 1978Germany Vinyl Lp
Ward PhillipsCycladesInterchangeInterchange1985United KingdomTape
Ward PhillipsCycladesInterchange, supplement to InterchangeInterchange1985United KingdomTape
Ward PhillipsPromo to Cyclades Tape with B-Side Advenure of TwizzleInterchange, PromoInterchange1982United KingdomTape
Ward WeissWinterslaapself-releasedNot on Label (self-released)1981NetherlandsTape
Warren BurtMusic For Tuning ForksExtreme, XCT 014Extreme1987AustraliaTape
Warren BurtonMusic for Turning ForksnoneNot on Label (self-released)1982AustraliaTape
Warren BurtonSong - Dawn - ChordsRash (DECISIONS), R002Rash (DECISIONS)1982AustraliaTape
Warsaw PactI'll See You In Courtnone1979United KingdomTape
Warser GateMirageBest Kept Secret; Lie 003Best Kept Secret1998ItalyTape
Warum JoeLa Méthode Du DiscoursNew Rose Records, ROSE 105 1985FranceVinyl 12"
Warum JoeTanzen & TrinkenNew Rose Records, NEW 9 1982France Vinyl Lp
Warwick FactorFor Madmen OnlyCosmic Conspiracy Productions, Cabal C-009 Cosmic Conspiracy Productions1989AustraliaTape
Warworld1 - End Of The Wild Frontier noneNot on Label (self-released)1987United StatesTape
Warworld2 - Midnight IndustrynoneNot on Label (self-released)1987United StatesTape
Warworld3 - Trench MouthnoneNot on Label (self-released)1988United StatesTape
Warworld4 - Spots on my Wall1988United StatesTape
Warworld5 - Metamorphisis noneNot on Label (self-released)1988United StatesTape
Warworld6 No' MarrononeNot on Label (self-released)1989United StatesTape
Wash your BrainsKrähen Röhren - Röhren KrähenSchimpfluch SH 01 Schimpfluch1988Switzerland Vinyl Lp
Wash your BrainsKrähen Röhren Krähen KrähenSchimpfluch, SH 01Schimpfluch1988SwitzerlandTape
Wat NuSkandal / Stereo Von RondoRondo, FIT 91980GermanyVinyl 7"
WavestarMind journeynoneNot on Label (self-released)1984United KingdomTape
WavestarMoonwindAudion Recording Company, SYNC 309Audion Recording1987United StatesTape
WavestarZenithWavestar Productions; PD001 1985United KingdomTape
Wavis O'ShaveTexican Raveloni (Bedside songs for problem children)Falling A Records and PublishingFalling A Records And Publishing1984United KingdomTape
Wayne Peet / Johnny One Couch Fumo / Peet/Fumo Duo BOLTED DOWN COLLARKillzone Music KZ-C2 ELECTRO FUSION AVANTGARDEKillzone Music1985United StatesTape
Ways of StephensameBliss, 015Bliss0United KingdomTape
WDMKThree Track SingleTape TrustTape Trust1983GermanyTape
We Be EchoCeza EviCause for Concern, CFC 023Cause for Concern1982United KingdomTape
We Be EchoCeza EviWe Be 001We Be Echo1983United KingdomTape
We Be EchoNothing LeftMystery Hearsay, MH 013Mystery Hearsay1986United StatesTape
We Be EchoPressure PointMystery Hearsay, MH 012Mystery Hearsay1985United StatesTape
Weather NouveauThe Celebrated Return of Kathy BoudinHDY; noneHDY1987United KingdomTape
Webit (William Pryor, Lou Gare, Dave Rawley)8/9/79 at the Bristol Musicians Co-Operationself-releasedNot on Label (self-released)1979United KingdomTape
WeehuggumLove GunEnsignEnsign0Tape
Weekend at WaikikiLive Rocktempel 84Top Hole Records;1984NetherlandsTape
Weep, O' Mine EyesA Beautiful Memory LingersF.A.C.E. Music; FACE 001F.A.C.E. Music1989CanadaTape
Wehe Dem EinzelgängerSame1982Tape
Weimar GesangEven Stone PalesSupporti Fonografici, SF 002 1984ItalyVinyl 12"
Weimar GesangOur Silent GrowthW.G.Rec., none 1984ItalyTape
Weimar GesangUntitlednoneNot on Label (self-released)1983ItalyTape
Weisskreuzs/tRagnarune RR 07 TWK#ED/69 COPIESRagnarune1997Tape
WeltklangElektronische Musik0Tape
Weltklang (René Steuns / Thomas Voburka)VEB Heimat / Hoffnung (Sehnsucht?)Exil-System, 003 1980GermanyVinyl 7"
Wendt/HudakWidening LainAudiofile Tapes; aT67audiofile Tapes1989United StatesTape
Wendy CarlosBeauty In The Beast AlbumAudion Recording Company, SYNC 200Audion Recording1986United StatesTape
WeR7All You Need Is Lots Of L.S.D.Color Disc, Color 21Color Disc1987United KingdomTape
WeR7Bizarre JukeboxDeal By Scatter Serious; 019 Deal by Scatter Serious1987United KingdomTape
WeR7Dance To ThisMusic For Midgets, M.F.M.02Music for Midgets1982United KingdomTape
WeR7Disquiet Music AlbumConventional Tapes, Con 2Conventional Tapes1980United KingdomTape
WeR7FragmentsConventional Tapes, Con 9Conventional Tapes1981United KingdomTape
WeR7Mental TownColor Disc, Color 7Color Disc1984United KingdomTape
WeR7Rock'n'Roll Is The MostCalypso Now, MFM, 4Calypso Now1983SwitzerlandTape
WeR7Rock'n'Roll Is The MostS.J. Organisation, S.J ORG 018S.J. Organisation1987FranceTape
WeR7Rock'n'Roll Is The MostMusic For Midgets, M.F.MMusic for Midgets1983United KingdomTape
WeR7SamplerColor Disc; Color 29 Color Disc1989United KingdomTape
WeR7Slippping & SlidingColor Disc; Color 23 Color Disc1988United KingdomTape
WeR7The Hits Just Keep Coming City Spools; Nab 5 City Spools1989United KingdomTape
WeR7Un-earthedColor Disc, Color 15Color Disc1986United KingdomTape
WeR7Un-earthedCalypso NowCalypso Now1987SwitzerlandTape
WerkbundRungholtAbraum, ABRAUM 01 1989Germany Vinyl Lp
WerkbundSkagerrakWalter Ulbricht Schallfolien, WULP 007 1987Germany Vinyl Lp
WerkschutzRoll on Roll off Demo0GermanyTape
Werner Heider SoliColosseum Colos SM 628 0Germany Vinyl Lp
Werner LaubscherWortflecht und LautbeißVerlag Thomas Plöger1989GermanyTape
Werner PirchnerEin Halbes DoppelalbumWerner Pirchner, wp numero eins 1973AustriaVinyl Lp-2
Westdeutsche ChristenLass Mich Nicht Allein Epilepdisc 007 1980Germany Vinyl Lp
Westdeutsche ChristenLive 1981noneNot on Label (self-released)1981GermanyTape