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Artist: Wrestling Worms

Year: 1987
Country: United States
Catalog No: self released
Format: Tape
Tracklist A1 Miss Mary  
A2 Prom Nite  
A3 Intaglio  
A4 Robby Thompson's  
A5 Weaned On Loam  
A6 Volunteer Waltz  
A7 Disco Waltz  
A8 Hep Hep Me Rondo  
B1 Bet On The Wet  
B2 Hangin Out At 7-11  
B3 Waka Waka Woo Woo  
B4 Housebomb  
B5 Bbq Bat  
B6 Brush Yer Hair Brush Yer Teeth  
B7 Drinkin Beer And Talking Shit