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Fanatism & Hysteria

Artist: Zombies Under Stress

Year: 1985
Country: Netherlands
Catalog No: 6de Kolonne
Format: Tape
Spezification: C90
A1 Liberation  
A2 The Goldmines Of Bloemfontein  
A3 ?!  
A4 Crowds  
A5 They  
A6 This Is The Good World  
A7 Poison For Leonie  
A8 Watminson  
A9 Euthanazi 65+  
A10 Black Drool  
A11 Waiting For The Misantrope  
A12 The Goldmines Of Bloemfontein Part Two  
A13 No Love Left  
A14 Sabaka  
A15 Distortions  
B1 Stalin  
B2 Goem  
B3 Fanatism & Hysteria  
B4 Occupation  
B5 Die Helleflamme  
B6 Figures In My Mind  
B7 Life Is So Long  
B8 Say Die  
B9 Zajtsjiek Moj  
B10 I Brought You  
B11 Each B Ridge Must Fake  
B12 Wearing Dogs  
B13 Das Besuch  
B14 Chub Si Tmis  
B15 Time To Dance  
  • Drums, Electronic Drums – Hans Von Majdanek
  • Electronics, Tape, Guitar – E. De Smet
  • Voice, Electronics – Zombie Exit
Recorded between march 1984 and september 1985.