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Gender: Male
Country: United States
A French composer (a photographer and graphic designer by training) exploring the industrial avant-garde of rock music, new wave, and art rock. He started out in the early 1970s, and until 1975 performed either solo or in an ad-hoc project, ARCANE, experimenting with the sounds of acoustic instruments (e.g. harmonium, guitars) and with the tape recorder as a tool for sound modulation and distortion. In 1976, along with his brother Patrick MU?LLER and Ruth ELLYERI he formed an experimental trio ILITCH. By 1980 the three most acclaimed and best known releases (two LPs and a cassette) in their catalogue had already been released. Originally arranged, they skilfully combined different means of expression, borrowed from the aesthetics of krautrock and the academic avant-garde of elec- tronic music alike. Their compositions were noted for dissonant guitar lines, analogue synthesizers, and processed vocals. After 1980, MU?LLER reduced his musical activities, focusing on graphic work. After a long hiatus as a composer and the rather ill-received releases of his at the turn of the 1980s, he resumed his composer career in 2004, successfully exploring the areas of experimental post-industrial and dark ambient Selected discography: as ILITCH Portraits (Herr Rhitma Corp. 1977) LP as ILITCH Periodikmindtrouble (Fractal Records 1978) 2 x CD Culture (Herr Rhitma Corp. 1980) 7” EP as ILITCH P.T.M. Works (Eu rock 1980) tape THE FOLLOWING TAKEN FROM ARCHIE PATTESRSON OF EU ROCK What Is Ilitch? A musical look into the state of the universal mind—the sound of a life filled with TV tube radiation—an electric trip along the frozen borderline of consciousness…… In the limited space of 2 LPs, Ilitch (aka Thierry Muller) has created a series of musical portraits that shed new light on the state of the art today. PERIODIKMINDTROUBLE with its combination of synthetiks and guitar is a schizoid exposé of the new music. One side creates a passive/aggressive split by alternating acoustic & e. guitar. The other induces sensory overload as it slowly unfolds a blanket of keyboard/guitar that ultimately literally engulfs and smothers you. There are points of reference to be found in the music to be sure, i.e. Glass, Fripp & Eno along with some of Manuel Gottsching’s early works, but Ilitch has taken their techniques—exorcised the intellectual underpinning and allowed his own particular muse to take possession. Thus the sound may bear some resemblance, but there is an unmistakable difference that makes it unique. The new album, 10 SUICIDES, is strongly linked spiritually to its predecessor, but structurally is much different. Within the confines of its 10 pieces, the state of humanity is examined, brought into question & ultimately found to be barren. He paints a bleak picture to be sure, but he also creates an inspired music that screams out with vitality. It’s the classic Love/Hate relationship—Life is shit, but it’s beautiful to be alive….. Archie Patterson