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We Are Planning To Kill You / The Final Dose

Artist: Doc Wör Mirran / P.C.R.

Year: 1993
Country: Germany
Label: Prion
Catalog No: Prion, PR 25
Format: Tape-2
A1 –Doc Wör Mirran Oben Ohne Teil 3  
A2 –Doc Wör Mirran Crawling With Farts  
A3 –Doc Wör Mirran Slow #5  
B1 –Doc Wör Mirran Three Denise Poems Read By John Through A Shitty Mic  
B2 –Doc Wör Mirran All Things Dead  
B3 –Doc Wör Mirran Slow #9  
B4 –Doc Wör Mirran We Are Planning To Kill You  
B5 –Doc Wör Mirran The Return Of John Eberly  
C1 –P.C.R. Acteon?  
C2 –P.C.R. Berlin  
C3 –P.C.R. 1945  
C4 –P.C.R. Secreta  
C5 –P.C.R. Open-Close 1  
D1 –P.C.R. Dealers  
D2 –P.C.R. Regeneration  
D3 –P.C.R. 3016  
Comes in a tin can.