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Break Through In Grey Room

Artist: William S. Burroughs

Year: 1986
Country: Belgium
Catalog No: Sub Rosa SUB 33005-8
Format: Vinyl Lp
A1 –Ian Sommerville & William S. Burroughs K-9 Was In Combat With The Alien Mind Screens 13:29
A2 –William S. Burroughs Origin And Theory Of The Tape Cut-Ups 3:43
A3 –Brion Gysin Recalling All Active Agents 1:25
A4 –Ian Sommerville & William S. Burroughs Silver Smoke Of Dreams 4:50
B1 –William S. Burroughs Junky Relations 2:56
B2 –Master Musicians Of Jajouka Joujouka 1:30
B3 –William S. Burroughs Curse Go Back 1:12
B4 –William S. Burroughs Present Time Exercises 2:18
B5 –Master Musicians Of Jajouka Joujouka 0:42
B6 –William S. Burroughs Working With The Popular Forces 2:37
B7 –William S. Burroughs Interview With Mr. Martin 2:59
B8 –Master Musicians Of Jajouka Joujouka 1:26
B9 –Ian Sommerville Sound Piece 2:14
B10 –Master Musicians Of Jajouka Joujouka 2:39
B11 –William S. Burroughs Burroughs Called The Law 1:34
  • Compiled By [Selections Assembled], Producer – Bill Rich (2)
  • Design Concept, Design – Frédéric Walheer, Guy Marc Hinant
  • Liner Notes [Introduction Text] – James Grauerholz
  • Photography By – Harold Chapman (2)
Track A1: Early cut-up tapes made by Ian Sommerville and WSB around 1965, probably in New York and London.
Track A2: From a lecture given by WSB at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa Institute, April 20, 1976.
Track A3: Excerpt from tape made in 1960 by Brion Gysin at BBC Studios in London, using BG's permutational technique.
Track A4: Tape made in early 1960's by Ian Sommerville and WSB, using the "drop-in" method.
Track B1: Excerpt from a radio talk by WSB in 1961 in London, "A Day in the Life of a Junky", tape courtesy of the University of Kansas Libraries.
Track B2: Excerpt from live tape made by WSB at the Joujouka Festival in the hills of Morocco with Ornette Coleman, January 18, 1973.
Track B3: From early 1960's tape, WSB chanting an anti-curse.
Track B4: Cassette work by WSB in London, ca. 1971, using radio, television, several tape recorders.
Track B6: WSB cut-ups with Dutch Schultz's last words and news texts, shortwave radio noise, mid-1960's, London.
Track B7: Excerpt, WSB performance at the ICA in London, February 28, 1963; tape courtesy of Gordon C.A. Craig.
Track B9: Produced By Ian Sommerville using the inching technique, 1960's?
Track B11: WSB routine recorded mid-1960's - dropping a dime on the Nova Mob; tape courtesy of the University of Kansas Libraries.

Archival reconstruction by Romana Recording Studios, Kansas, Summer 1986.

Acknowledgements to Peter Christopherson and Genesis P-Orridge, who early recognized the importance of this kind of tapes.
Thanks to Naropa Institute, the Kenneth Spencer Research Library at the University of Kansas, the BBC, the ICA & Gordon Craig, London. Special thanks to James Grauerholz for his help in the completion of this record.